Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Answers - Part 2



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And, more answers...

1. What is your favorite Bible verse, and why is it meaningful to you?

2 Peter 1:3 – “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.”
To me, this verse sums it up – I have everything I need, and it has nothing to do with anything that I’ve done. It’s only about the Lord, and that’s all. I think that once we can grasp the fact that our life is only about the Lord and his holiness, and not, at all, about our happiness, then we can rest in His sovereignty and goodness. It takes the pressure off of me.

2. How did you go from living a life before you knew the Lord so well, to the life like you have now?

I never, ever, want to give the impression that I’ve got it all together. Certainly, I do NOT! My relationship with the Lord ebbs and flows, just like my relationships with others. But, I think the difference is this – the Lord has taught me, through a series of exercises in stupidity, that He wants to be the essence of who I am. So, I’ve learned that although I might let other correspondences go, I must keep close to Him. Otherwise, my entire life seems to fall apart. When, my relationship with the Lord is strong, I’m better in all of my other relationships.

I think that Beth Moore says it very well, “Sometimes, you praise first, and you feel it later.” She’s right on. There are many days when the last thing that I want to do is spend time with the Lord. I’ll admit that. I’ve even chosen laundry, my arch enemy, over my precious time with the Lord. Can you imagine? But, I think the key is this, you just do it. Even if you don’t feel like spending time praying, reading scripture, and sitting in the Lord’s presence, you just do it. And, it’s amazing how He honors this simple act of submission. I never regret it.

My word! I could talk about this subject all day, but I must move on. Maybe I’ll do a post on this later.

3. How did you come to know the Lord? Do you have a church family? What denomination are you?

I was raised by Christian parents who made sure that I was in church from the time I was a baby. I don’t think that taking a child to church guarantees salvation, but I do believe that allowing a child to grow in an environment that talks about God is very important. I realize that having Christian parents is a luxury. I came to know the Lord at the age of 6, and I’ve been growing in His grace ever since.

We do have a church family. Brian and I attend the very large southern Baptist church where I grew up and his dad now serves as the Minister of Missions. I sometimes shy away from talking about my denomination, because I think that I could be just as content in a non-denominational church. The fact is, I believe that God sent His son, Jesus, to earth as a man. He was persecuted and killed, in order to cancel the debt that my sinful life would create. He died once, for all sin, so that I could have eternal life in heaven. And, he’s coming back someday. That’s my belief system. He died, so that I might live. And, I believe that anyone who believes in Jesus and accepts his forgiveness will be granted eternal life.

I often think about how fortunate I was to be exposed to these truths as a child. I could accept them with childlike faith. I understand how far-fetched this probably sounds to an unbelieving adult. Faith is a gift.

Back to the church question – Brian and I are loved and supported through a Sunday Morning Bible Study group, and through a smaller growth group within this class. Our network of love and prayer and encouragement and support is extensive. These wonderful people have prayed for us, cleaned for us, fed us, moved us, cried with us, and loved us through unbelievably difficult trials. We are very blessed to call them our family.

4. How are you and Brian doing- relationship wise- after all of the struggles you've been through during the first couple of years of marriage?

Brian and I will be celebrating two years of marriage on June 7th, and what a wild couple of years it has been! I think in many ways that year two has been more challenging than year one. During year one, we started out on the newlywed high, and I think that carried us through some very challenging months. By the time the second diagnosis rolled around, we had let our guard down somewhat. We were so tired from running on adrenaline during the first one, that the second one came as a major insult. Honestly, it was hard. We had to run the gamut with our emotions – from dealing with mortality, to the loss of fertility, to early menopause, to making the decision to go beyond conventional treatment. It was all a lot to process. Now, I think things are kind of evening out again, and our playfulness has returned. It’s a drain when things are so serious all of the time.

I still didn't get them all answered, but, don't you worry your pretty little head, I will.


Sandy Gillett said...

This is totally amazing Lindsey. I am so blessed. Love you.

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Congrats Jenny! I hope the book blesses you as much as it has blessed Lindsey.

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Love reading these my dearie.

Camille said...

May your words bless and enlighten many. PTL for your candidness, honesty, and dedication to the Lord's truth.