Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Momentous Day

Good evening, my precious friends!

I'm coming to you from the end of a very long, but wonderful day. We've officially entered testing season at school, and although it can get a bit monotonous and boring, it is SO quiet. That's good on the nerves this time of year, when my fuse seems to be a bit shorter than it was when we began this long adventure in August. All morning long, my students just tested away. It's rewarding to see their little brains working to recall all of the knowledge that they've been exposed to this year. 11 more days. . .

In other news, Brian and I did yoga tonight. We're making an attempt to work our way through the P90x program. Y'all, this stuff is hard. I always thought yoga was more for trend than exercise, but let me tell you, I was sweating bullets by the time we were finished. This was about our fourth time to do the routine, and, though it's easier each time, it's still not a workout for wimps!

We settled in for a couple episodes of The Office after that. We have a new love. You've probably known about it forever, but it's news to us. Did you know that, if you have a Wii (and we do), you can watch movies instantly with your Netflix account, plus get a DVD in the mail? All for $8.99/month. About a month ago, we cut off our satellite service, and this has been a great replacement! They should compensate me for my advertising. I just love having movies on demand.

And now, we're wrapping up our night. I've mentioned a thousand times that I'm the planner sort. I always make our lunches, make the coffee, pick out my clothes, etc the night before. I think about what the next day we'll bring.

Tonight, I remembered that tomorrow brings chemo for me. I'm starting Herceptin tomorrow after school. Finally, my insurance approved the treatment (PRAISE GOD!), and we got it all set up and ready to begin tomorrow. This will be a yearlong regimen. So, every 3 weeks, I'll go to the chemo lab for my dose of drugs.

I'm sure that returning to the place from which I thought I graduated will have some strange feelings with it. But, I know that God is good and His plan for me is perfect. Isn't it refreshing and reassuring to know that He is the Author and Finisher of our stories? I see great victory in this fact.

Can you pray for me tomorrow?

-Pray that the Lord will sustain me and strengthen me as I return to the chemo lab. I'll be honest when I say that there is a sense of failure that accompanies this return.

-Pray that the Lord would allow me to walk by faith. Pray that He would allow my spiritual eyes to be opened to others who are there who might need my encouragement. I really feel as if a blessing would be lost if I see this as being all about me. I desperately want this to be all about Him.

- Pray for my physical health. Before when I did Herceptin, I didn't notice any major side effects. Would you pray that the same would be true this time, too?

Thank you so much for supporting me and allowing me to blab on and on and on about each phase of this process. What a process it is, too!

Good night, my sweet friends!


Anonymous said...

Praying for you right at this moment!

one of nettie's girls said...

The Lord provides. Praying that you will rest in His faithfulness:

Great is thy faithfulness! Great is thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see;
all I have needed thy hand hath provided;
great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

Leslie said...

I will be praying for you tonight and tomorrow. Blessings sweet friend, so glad for the mercies of the Lord in your life that are new every morning! Truly HIS faithfulness is great! Love to you...

Anonymous said...

I kept thinking as I read this post that He is calling you back to the chemo lab because He needs you there. That you will be someone's angel - someone you are going to meet needs to be exposed to your spirit, your faith.... whether you realize it at the time or not...I do believe you are being called to serve there.

I continue to hold you in prayer, and will be thinking of you especially today.


Firemom said...
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Ann Wright said...

I am praying for you especially today!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I will keep all your prayers concerns in my prayers as usual! Everything will be just fine, God is on your side and by your side.

Would love to try yoga and/or pilates sometime, and yes, the netflix world is wonderful - I have a friend who subscribes and he and I have watched a ton of awesome movies, especially the independent ones that you haven't really heard of it but are very good - so check those out too.

God Bless from Iowa...

Alabamamom said...


Erin said...

I'm proud you are my friend. Praying

Joe said...

Whitney and I also love watching Netflix on our Wii... no need for cable anymore!

Norma said...

Just read this today - but God is everywhere in time, so I still prayed! He is your buckler!

Love and prayers, my sweet Warrior friend!

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

You are constantly in my prayers. You are a brave strong woman!

Norma said... can also watch movies,old and new tv shows on and Plus the network sites,,,, etc. FREE! =o)