Friday, April 9, 2010


Good Morning!
Are you as thrilled as I am that it is Friday? This week has been a long one! A good one, but a long one.

I thought I would steal a quick minute before I leave for work to wish you all a splendid weekend. Normally, I wouldn't have time to do that, but I slept a little later this morning. It never fails that on the mornings when I sleep the latest, I ended up being ready the earliest. I guess I wake up with a sense of urgency that puts an extra spring in my step.

I couldn't bear the thought of getting up when my alarm first sounded. Brian and I were up late last night, so the morning came very early. It was for a great reason, though. We have the most wonderful group of young married couples that we regularly meet with. It never fails to be a fun-filled evening of laughter!

Anyway, back to my original thoughts. Sorry, the dogs and Brian are in the background, and I can't quite get my thoughts straight. I keep hearing Brian say, "I don't know what to do, Vito." I have no idea why he is saying that, but he is standing motionless in the kitchen. I'm thinking the morning has come as a shock to him, too.

This morning, I sat down to continue my reading through Matthew. I honed in on chapter 8. The beginning of the chapter showcases Jesus' abililty to heal from disease and sickness. Oh my word, y'all, I read these stories with new eyes today. It was because of these individuals' distinct faith that Jesus healed them. I was stopped in my tracks at the healing power that Jesus still possesses. Nothing has changed in the character of Christ, for Hebrews 13:8 says, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."

So, my heart is full this morning as I remember to stand in faith as I wait on the healing power of Jesus to manifest itself in my life. Praise God for His work in me!


suzanne Moore said...

DONE, Victory....God is opening up your eyes of understanding and His power is being activated! Glory to Him for his complete, NOTHING LACKING, healing for you, LIndsay! Along the way he heals our "most broken Places" notice I said plural places, He gave me that revelation for this year and I thought broken place, now I see it's plural. Psalm 126:5 What we sow in tears will reap with shouts of joy. I am shoutin in my spirit today of Joy for your hope. HE IS ABLE. ..TGIF is our favorite thing to say on Fridays...Enjoy your weekend! Love, Suzanne Moore

Emily said...

Oh my goodness Lindsey.....I have to tell you that you were led to write this post this morning for ME! I have mentioned my daughter's battle to you before, but she is now facing brain surgery yet again in 5 days(previous surgery 7 yrs ago) and the anxiety is beginning to take its toll on me. I NEEDED this scriptural reminder this morning to get me through my work day of well wishers who mean the best but truly have no idea of what is going on inside my mind and body. Thank you, THANK YOU for living so transparent-you ARE affecting others for Christ-me for one!

Julie-CA said...

I hope you two have a wonderful weekend with your doggies and hopefully you can do some fun landscaping. It's so fun making a house a home and enjoying seeing the fruits of your labor day in and day out. Hope it's a bright sunny day in your little corner of the world today. =)