Friday, April 30, 2010

Never Ceases to Amaze

Another week in the books. Today was an interesting day. I was off for a doctor's appointment. THE doctor's appointment. The one that I've been dreading for a couple of weeks now.

Don't get me wrong, I love my doctor and her nurse. The staff is the sweetest that you can imagine, but there is just something so wrong about going to the cancer center to discuss a treatment plan. I hate it.

Brian met me at the appointment, and he quickly said, "Are you nervous or something?" I dismissed his accusation, but I was. I was full of anxiety.

After waiting over an hour, we finally got called back into the exam room, and we waited some more. Just before the doctor came in, I looked at Brian and said, "I'm about to start crying." I could feel the lump in my throat growing in size, and my eyes began to sting with tears. I hate it when I cry. I didn't want to cry, and Brian certainly didn't want me to cry. Beyond that, he couldn't seem to understand why I was upset. As much as I tried to explain the thousands of thoughts that have been journeying through my head for the past week or so, my efforts were useless. I'm pretty sure that, until you've been there, you just can't fully understand it.

I decided to grab the latest issue of Country Living to distract my mind. I thumbed through the pages, and was quickly absorbed into the charming homes that graced the magazine.

At last the doctor came in. She was upbeat and encouraging. She said that I looked fabulous, which never hurts a girl's ears :)

The bottom line is this -
Right now, the standard old yucky chemotherapy is not part of my regimen. Did you catch that?
For now, I'm hanging on to this hair that I've been coaxing out of my hard head for the past 15 months.

The plan is to re-stage me with a PET scan. I'll let you know the date of this when I find out, but big, big prayers needed for these results!

Then, I'll go through a yearlong regimen of Herceptin and Tykerb. These are chemo, but they are smart chemos. They only target the problem, not the whole body.

I don't have to go back to see my doctor for 2 months. 2 MONTHS!!! You have no idea how free this makes me feel.

I'm sure you can imagine the peace that is overwhelming my spirit tonight. I can actually see a little R&R coming my way. I'm sitting here at my computer, crying happy tears of relief.

To you, this might seem like good news, but not great news. But for me, it's huge. For the past few weeks I've been thinking, "Man, I'm just worn out. I need some rest. I need a break from all of this." But, I saw no end in sight. Now, I do.

Please know that this has the hand of God all over it. It is full of His presence and His provision. Oh, wow, He just captivates my heart a little more each day.

Have a great weekend! There will be much rejoicing on Pleasant Drive.


Anonymous said...

i'm praying for you

podso said...

Such good news. I can sense your uplifted sprits coming through your blog!

Norma said...

Oh Lindsey! I'm bawling! I've been on pins and needles waiting for your blog update. This is the best news I've heard all day and I am rejoicing with you! This calls for a celebration! That would be chocolate for me...and some yummy organic chocolate for you (is there such a thing?) or whatever is your favorite yummy thing. BIG HUGZ!

Jeze said...

Heck yeah!

katie said...

Praising the Lord for this!

one of nettie's girls said...

"For Thou, O Lord, hast made me glad by what Thou hast done, I will sing for joy at the works of Thy hands." He did this! He did it for you! And I am so glad He did. Love you. Enjoy. Rest.

Paula said...

Brian and Lindsey,
I have come to realize that there has been a change in the way I pray lately. God is using you guys in teaching me to be specific in my prayers while asking and expecting His will to happen. Your news was confirmation for me that this change is good. I have been praying specifically for your doctor appt today. God is showing me that if you ask, expecting for your prayer to be answered, that He will answer them. Thank you both for being such usable vessels. You have led us to blessings beyond words.
Stormin' His Throne, very specifically, on Your Behalf!!!
We love you!
The Chaffin's

Anonymous said...

Praise be to God!

Kathryn said...

Praise the Lord! So excited for you. Enjoy a beautiful weekend of rest with your hubby!

Also, check out! I was not sure if those were a possibility for you, but a friend told me about them and I thought they *possibly* fit in to your regimen.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I anxiously await your updates and feel a heavy calling to pray for you throughout each day.

Jeanette said...

Good news. I'm happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord and rejoice.

Sweet Simplicity said...

This is definitely praise worthy! I hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Suzanne Moore said...

PRAISE GOD, THIS IS HUGE, LINDSEY!!!!The relief and release you must feel today. God is giving you the break and look at his timing, right when schools out, He's in every single, solitary detail. As I read your description I was right there remembering how my heart felt, how the tears surfaced and how only Jesus knew my heart felt like it was about to shatter. Then that Prince of Peace came in (along with your doctor:)) and had a whole (WHOLE) different plan than what you thought. You trusted God's plan beforehand, and HE showed up bigtime, giving you exactly what His plans were. I am so happy for you. So glad to hear there was a good magazine close by, that is my ultimate way to relax or distract and anything with decorating or flowers makes my blood pressure lower. You are an amazing woman!!!! I thank the Lord that I found your blog, it's about the only one I read, and it always blesses me! The Lord has you so close, in the shadow of His wings, you are protected and secure. Glory to Him for this day of rejoicing with you, Victory in Jesus! Love you, Suzanne

Julie-CA said...

Our God is so good. His faithfulness towards His children is a gift that we do not deserve nor can we decribe. Rejoicing also today here in California. Rest.

Kristina said...

Praise the Lord. I'm crying happy tears for you.

Anonymous said...

So excited for you! And so thankful you will have a season of rest.

Alabamamom said...

Thank You Lord! Enjoy your rest! The prayers will continue as we rejoice in God's healing.