Sunday, April 4, 2010

He is Risen, Indeed!

As I sit down tonight and reflect on the events of today, I am just in total awe of Christ's love for me. Easter Sunday should be the happiest anniversary of the year for Christians. Our hope and joy is wrapped up in Christ's resurrection, and thus today is a wonderful cause for celebration.

We started our day with early church and Sunday School. And though church seemed VERY early, it was a wonderful blessing to worship corporately with others who understand the importance of Easter. Our Sunday school teacher brought a great lesson on the resurrection's application to our everyday lives.

Then, we joined with many other family members for lunch at my parent's house. My stepmom went to great lengths to make sure that she prepared a meal that met my dietary needs. What a special act of love! She did a great job!

Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of everyone. But, I will share the few that I took.

Ashley, Maddox, me, and Chelsey (my sisters and nephew) - I'm SO jealous of their long, straight hair! They are so beautiful inside and out.
Chelsey never misses a posing opportunity. What a lovely lady!

Ashley helps Hensley open her Easter present from Pop and Mimi.
Maddox and Brian chow down on jellybeans.

And, the next few were during our Easter egg hunt. Maddox wanted to hide the eggs, and Hensley found them. They were so cute!

It was a special time with family, and a great springy day!

I spent the rest of the day resting. Brian and I worked in the yard the entire day yesterday, and my stomach has been a little iffy today. So, rest has been in order. Tonight I'm feeling refreshed, and anticipating another wonderful week ahead.

For those who are keeping track, I've completed 13 of 30 radiation treatments, and I'm almost finished with my third round of chemo. These chemo pills work a bit differently than the IV infusions that I did in the past. There is no rest period. I go straight from one round to the next. At this point, they've ordered this medication for me to continue indefinitely. We'll see.

More than anything, this process has taught me that my walk with the Lord is the ONLY thing that I can count on. Everything else is always up for change. This can be frustrating, but at the same time, the Lord has shown me to cling to Him all the more. His power is most evident when things seem the most unclear.

So, I will choose Christ. I will choose to live the life that He has given me - one day at a time.

Good night, my friends! Have a blessed week!


Michele said...

What awesome pictures Lindsey! You are so are your sisters and...can't forget the adorable children!

Have a great week!


Julie-CA said...

Thank you for sharing pictures of what looks liked was a wonderful day!
I hope you have had a wonderful start to your week. Hang in there with your radiation treaments. From what you've shared, it is evident how many things the Lord is also "zapping" in your spirit while you go through those treatments. I picture you getting up from that table not only more free from physical cancer cells, but free from spiritual cancer cells. Those constant enemies we war with that never cease to tempt us to place our trust in anything other then in Christ alone. It is so obvious to me just how much more beautiful you get up from that treatment table then when you got on it. =)

Whitney said...

Your family is so beautiful. Looks like a wonderful Easter.

Sandy Gillett said...

You look absolutely fabulous!! I LOVE your hair! The pictures of the children are priceless! You have an amazing family.