Thursday, March 4, 2010

Out of Juice

Good morning, Everyone!

I do apologize to those of you who are accustomed to looking for a nightly update from me. Last night, I just ran out of juice before posting, so it had to wait until this morning. Anytime that I have to run an errand on my way home from work, I am just wiped out by that night. School seems to pretty much take it out of me these days. But, I am hopeful that soon I'll start building an immunity to the side effects of the drugs that I'm on. As far as I've read and heard, this seems to be a pretty common thing. So, can you pray for that for me? Pray that my body would be better and better able to tolerate the medications. Overall, I'm doing great with no enormous side effects, but I am feeling some body aches and pains and fatigue. Thank goodness these are the only ones! I can handle these kind of side effects.

On another note, today is a bittersweet day on Pleasant Drive. After several months of deliberation, we've decided that it's best for us to send sweet, little Bertie the Bloodhound to a new home. My plate is just too full, and this seems to be one way to relieve a little stress for me. Bertie is a wonderful dog, the very best bloodhound that you could ask for. She is loyal and smart, playful and energetic. But, she needs more exercise than she's getting, so rather than having a wonderful dog who can channel all those great qualities, we just have a frustrated dog who can't use her energy.

This decision has been hard. Terrible really. I know that, if you aren't a pet person, then you don't understand. But, those four dogs are our babies. We've spent tons of time, energy, and money on them. And, we love them.

Because we were able to find a home for Bertie that is far better than our home, then we are able to give her away. Her new home sounds like a dream! In fact, I want to go live there. I'm taking Bertie there this afternoon. So, please pray for us. Yes, I'm asking you to pray for my dog.

I know that her new home is a large estate with a vineyard, pond, pool, and another bloodhound. Doesn't that sound perfect? Her new owner is home during the day, and she is very excited about Bertie coming to live with her.

Pray that it's an easy transition for Bertie, her new owners, and for us. Pray that Bertie greets them well (I'm worried about this). Pray that she settles in quickly and falls in love with her new place.

I know, I know. It's just a dog. Everything will be fine.

I'll let you know how it goes.


mrs. darling said...

it's not just a dog, it's your dog, your fur baby and i understand. i'll be praying for you, your hubs and bertie. hoping it's a smooth transition. what a lovely thing you are doing, giving her a more active life, despite how much it hurts you and brian.

Leslie said...

Totally understand what a hard decision that must have been! Best of luck to Bertie in his new resort life! :)

Shelly said...

Praying for you! I know it's hard to give up a pup...they are like our children.

Cari said...

What a sad day, Lindsey. When we moved to AR from OK Jack, our Boston Terrier, didn't transition well. The girls went to school, I was busy trying to settle in a new place, and he got a little neglected. Six months into the move & we knew it wasn't working anymore. He snapped at the girls when we were visiting family and that was our cue. We left him in Oklahoma & it was HARD! I never knew how much I loved that little fellow until I looked at the empty backyard once he was gone. So, I'm going to pray right now for you and sweet little Bertie. And, yes, her knew home sound FANTASTIC!

Little Lovables said...

It is a hard decision! Her happiness is most important and you've managed to find her a happy home :)

Life and Times . . . said...

So sorry about Bertie. When I was 9 we had to give away our dachsund because she was too energetic (and a little naughty) and ate our neighbor's rabbits. It was heartbreaking, but she went to a country home of some family friends and lived out her days in dog bliss. Glad you're doing what's best for you at this point - it's not an easy decision. Praying for you here in Central Texas.

Julie-CA said...

I prayed for Miss Bertie and I'm hoping her transition is a blessing to both her and her new family. It sure sounds like she and her new doggy friend will enjoy eachothers company on their estate! I think they will have many fun adventures through the years together. :)