Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Morning!

It feels so weird to be posting at this time of day, but my schedule last night just never allowed me to take a minute or two to collect my thoughts.

First and foremost, Brian's doctor called me yesterday, and his CT scan was all clear! Praise God who protects us, guides us, provides for us, and loves us enough to use us! This was the best news! Now, we still aren't sure what's causing the pain, but we do know that there is nothing glaringly wrong. Please continue to pray for his total restoration to a healthy body!

Well, today is the big day - Radiation Day. I don't feel worried or concerned or anxious or any of those yucky thoughts. Mostly, I feel eager to get this thing done, so that I might get on with life. I'm ready for this little speed bump to be behind us, that we might have more freedom to serve the Lord.

I am praying against side effects or discomfort or complications - that the radiation would do exactly what it is designed to do (combat cancer) and nothing else. Will you join with me in praying for this?

With spring's arrival, I can't help but feel ready to move into another season of life. We are told in the Bible, that for everything there is a season. I'm ready for this season to be OVER! However, I know that my ways are not God's ways and my thoughts are not His thoughts. So, I am doing my best to live every single day humbled to His purposes for my life, for that day. We are not promised tomorrow, so our hope must be in the presence of Christ, here and now.

Enjoy your day, and if I happen to pop into your head around 2:45 today, then could you whisper a prayer on my behalf? That's my radiation time for the next 6 weeks. I'll be praying for you, too. I found that while laying on the table, the Lord is very near and available to hear my cries to Him.


Whitney said...

I'll be thinking about and praying for you today.

Ann Wright said...

You are in my prayers today!

podso said...

I love how you sense God's presence when you are on the radiation table. it reminds of me emergency surgery I had in Africa--I really felt God swooping me up in his arms and carrying me into the operating room. Will pray for you.

Alabamamom said...


Julie-CA said...

I will pray that you are surrounded with His peace during radiation today. You mentioned wanting this to be done so that you will be more free to serve the Lord...and while I can not relate or even imagine fully what you must feel like, I do picture that freedom to actually be at it's greatest during this season you're in. While yes, you're not free from intrusive exams, invasive treatments, loads of meds, strict nutitional regiman's, and the title of a cancer patient, you ARE experienceing freedom from even greater obstacles. In seasons such as these, you're experiencing freedom from self-confidence and self-reliance which can so easily enslave us much greater then any physical condition ever could. So be encouraged today Lindsey as you're on that table, for it's in moments like these, that you are truly FREE to be all that the Lord desires of His people - completely and whole-heartedly surrendered to Him.

April said...

So glad that Brian's scan was clear!!

Do you think that the abdominal pain could be caused by stress?

Also will be praying for you this afternoon.

k_stin said...

Yes, I will pray for you at 2:45 every day for you. You might have said, but what days do you do radiation? Every day or just some?