Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowed In.

Don't you just love the Lord's creativity? It seems to me that there are few things more indicative of the Lord's vastness than the ocean and a snow covered earth. In my neck of the woods, we very rarely see real, live snow. in fact, it's usually sleet and ice and a wintery mix that graces our earth.

But, today the Lord decided to bless us with the beauty of a blanketed horizon. It's exquisite. In fact, as soon as I opened the back door to take the dogs outside this morning, snow quietly greeted me. Against my desires, I headed to school, survived the day (even with a Valentine exchange), and returned home. As I drove to the top of our mountain, as we lovingly refer to it, I could feel my mouth curving up in a grin as I realized that our home was just as I had left it. And, the snow was coming down hard!

I immediately dialed Brian and told him to hurry home, so as not to be out on the roadways when all the other evening commuters were navigating their ways. You see, here in the south, we have no idea how to live in snow. In fact, in many cases, an all out panic ensues from a small flurry of flakes. So, you can imagine why I didn't want my beloved out in the midst.

Brian heeded my warning and began to make his way home. However, when he reached our neighborhood, his journey had just begun. Brian drives a big truck, but that big 'ole thing couldn't pull its way up Steep Road. Brian, along with several other neighbors parked their cars and made their way up the hill.

So, here we are, all nestled together and watching and waiting as our land is constantly transformed to a beautifully pure masterpiece. What a picture of salvation! The once dirty land did absolutely nothing to transform itself, but it was only because of the pure white snow that it is transformed to a new creation.


Anonymous said...

i'm praying for you

one of nettie's girls said...

Your post this morning reminds me of a song I used to sing. Some of the lyrics are:

I once read in a poem
When snow covers the earth
That it hides the world’s scars
And gives nature new birth
And they say when a man turns
From sin to the Lord
That forgiveness like snow
Covers him evermore

And somewhere it’s snowing,
See the soft drifting down
As the snowflakes surrender
To the hardening ground
Like the good grace of Jesus
That now covers our sin
In the kingdom of heaven
It’s snowing again.

Julie-CA said...

What a wonderfully written post and what a blessing it was to me this morning to read it. Thank you! I hope you and Brian enjoy every moment of your beautiful snow covered day together. :)

Anonymous said...

We have had so much snow here in Iowa this winter that we are just plain tired of it.

But reading your post this morning about your snow put a new perspective on our snow....meaning maybe i will appreciate it more when I go outdoors!

Drive safely and continued prayers from the Midwest for your radiation concerns.....God will provide all the answers.

God Bless.....

Lindsey said...

You are such a wonderful writer, I look forward to reading your posts! Hugs friend!

Alabamamom said...

It's the same here in Birmingham. It was so much fun to see my class of 2 year olds delight in watching the snow come down. When we were going to the gym for PE it was blowing in their hair. They loved it. We had a quick Valentine cookie and exchange after lunch because we were being dismissed early. It is beautiful to see it cover our front and back yard.

Our Women's Retreat at church was to be this weekend at a retreaat center about an hour and a half away. They had to cancel it because of the driving conditions. We were going to have it at the church tonight and tomorrow but tonight was cancelled because of road conditions. Lord willing, we'll be able to get some of it in tomorrow. It's great to know that God is in charge of the weather and whether we get to have any of the retreat or not. It's fun just to look at the beautiful snow and snuggle with my valentine and poodle.

I pray that you and Brian have a wonderful Valentine weekend.

Erin said...

Mmmm, love snow days. Makes you HAVE to be still and rest. Hope you two get a peaceful few days!

Sandy Gillett said...

This is a beautiful post Lindsey.