Monday, February 15, 2010

I Totally Forgot

Hi, Ya'll,

Oh, I don't know about you, but for me, it was an enormous blessing to see the sun today. The wind was blustery and the temperatures were chilly, but there is just something so comforting about the bright sunshine. I yearn for the warm days of spring and the hot days of summer. I could use some warmth!

As I was driving home this afternoon, it was a little earlier than usual. Starting last night, and into today, I really haven't felt all that well. I don't feel horrible, but I certainly don't plan for this nausea and these joint pains to stick around. One of my teacher friends was kind enough to finish up the day with my class so that I could come home and rest. My grade level is incredible! All three of these women are unique in their own special way, but they are all master teachers and wonderful people. I love them.

Anyway, as I was driving home, I remembered something. About a year ago, Brian and I started really feeling itchy in our current life situation. We just felt deeply that the Lord had better things for us than what we were doing. I remember us praying specifically at that time, "Lord, we want to be in the center of your will. We'll do anything. We'll go anywhere. Just give us a ministry for you through our life. Use us as your tools and vessels." Then, at some point along the way, we stopped praying this specific prayer. I'm not sure why we stopped or what made us stop, but as I was driving along today, I suddenly remembered this.

I thought, "Oh my word! I told God that I would go anywhere and do anything, if only He would use me for His purposes. That is exactly what He's done!"

At this point, cancer is not consuming my thoughts like it did for several weeks. It would be inaccurate for me to say that I never think about it, but it is definitely not on my mind like it was a few weeks ago. But today, I realized that I committed to do anything for the Lord. I did not exclude a fight for my life, not that this would've stopped the Lord from using something as extreme as cancer to teach me. But, I was immediately astounded at how the Lord has answered my prayer. He has allowed me to go to great lengths to know Him more. How many people my age get to do that? For that reason alone, I consider it pure joy that I am able to face this trial.

My challenge to you is to think back to some of your diligent prayers. How has the Lord answered them? was it in a way that you expected or even accepted? I can't wait to hear of His work in you.


And a few snow pictures because that's what everyone in this area is posting about :)

This is the drive into our neighborhood
Wally, aka the cutest St. Bernard in all of the land
Brian and all 4 of his doggies. Doesn't he look like that kid from A Christmas Story?
Our neighborhood gate
Our house

And, just so that I can drag this post out a bit more, I wanted to give you an update about the radiation issue that I posted about last week. My team of doctors decided that the best solution is for me to have surgery to switch out my implants. I agree that this seems to be the best decision, but I am NOT looking forward to another surgery. I am not sure when this will take place. But, once it does, I will have to heal for 3 MORE weeks before starting radiation. Though this seems frustrating to me, I know that the Lord has purpose in it. So, again, I will consider it pure joy.

I would appreciate your prayers for a speedy surgery date and an easy surgery with a quick recovery. As you can imagine, I feel ready to get the show on the road.

Thank you for your specific prayers.

I love you all!


EDIT: Because God is awesome and His timing is perfect, I wanted to let you know that my surgeon's office called first thing this morning, and told me that my surgery is scheduled for this Thursday. Praise God with me for a speedy surgery date!


Jennifer said...

You dont know me, but I'm a friend of Leslie Bunt's and my kids' pediatrician is Dr. Barret, therefore we know Ashley.

I am so in awe of your outlook on your situation. It is so inspiring and yet so convicting. I feel so guilty for the little complaints that I may have in my life and yet you are giving God all the honor and glory for your trial. May God bless you and Brian as you continue on this journey. I'm praying for you!
Your pictures of the snow are absolutely gorgeous! I love snow on the trees, and unfortunately our house has no trees.

Julie-CA said...

Okay, here's my response to your challenge about unexpected prayers answered.
My husband and I were wanting to have a baby and I was struggeling to get pregnant due to irregular ovulation. I was adopted as a baby and growing up I definately did NOT want to adopt also. My resoning was completely selfish because adopting is the most beautiful gift you can give a child. I however, couldn't see past my own desires to carry a baby myself and to have a family memeber who actually looked like me and all. None of those desires are wrong by any means but as a follower of Christ, they should not ever be so strong that they hinder my willingness to do His will. So, whenever my husband would throw out there us adopting, I would cringe inside. I can remember onetime being on the floor sobbing at the idea of giving this so called "right" of mine to the Lord. I couldn't even speak the words to my husband who was right down there on the floor with me with his hand on my back as I crouched on my knees and cried. My lips quivered because every emotion in me did not by any means want to speak out the frase "if I never get pregnant." Slowly I began to pour out my heart before the Lord and can remember balling at times as I managed to quiver out those words, "your will be done." I poured my heart out to the Lord often about this but it still was very painful to do. Meanwhile, I had a friend who was going through the same thing. She is a friend form childhood and is not a believer and we lost contact but began talking again mainly about our trying to get pregnant. We mostly talked by email and had nothing in common other then this struggle we both were having. Oneday I felt like the words I had been quivering out had finally taken residence in my spirit. I then wrote her an email telling her what the Lord had done in my heart and that I felt like He freed me and enabled me to give this so-called right of mine over to Him. I told her that if He never again did a thing for me other then having made himself the bridge by which I have been justified and made right with God, that alone is enough. I even went on to say that I was willing to look into adopting and that I wanted to give back that gift of adoption I was given to another baby in need just like I was. I then began pouring out my heart to her about wanting so badly to see her come before the cross of Christ and know Him as her savior. I told her that if all this was happening to me just so I could point her to Him it was all worth it. After sending this email, I had a joy unspeakable in my spirit and I knew that I knew, my walking through this was for His glory. About two weeks later, I was down on my knees again with my lips quivering and my husband hand on my back once again, but this time, I was holding onto my positive pregnancy test. We now have an 8 month son named Noah who we love more then words could possible say. I am overwhelmed by the Lord's love for me and His deep concern for the condition of my heart and the strength of our relationship together. He was so faithful to give me the desire of my heart, once that desire was first and foremost obeying Him.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to boast on His goodness. :)

Whitney said...

Wowzers all the way around this post.
1. That the Lord gently reminded you of your prayer and dedication to Him. Astounding. What peace must have surrounded you and flooded your body. I love it.
2. The snow is GORGEOUS. Picture perfect.
3. Praying for a surgery date.
4. Love you.

Anonymous said...

i'm praying for you

ann wright said...

I am continually praying for you. I hope this latest hurdle is jumped over quickly and you can get started on your treatment. Hope you are feeling better today!

Paula said...

Brian and Lindsey,
I am amazed at how you two are right smack in the middle of God's will. He is using you two to reach so many others in your sufferings.
When we started the process to adopt Olevia from Russia, everything was going so fast, which is unheard of. As I was praying for us to hurry and get our little girl out of there, I was also praying for patience for when she got here. Immediately, things began to creep along. Mother's Day came and went, her birthday, came and went, Father's day, came and went. All the while knowing that the Russian's take the whole month of August off. We were creeping so close to that date when I realized what I had been praying for and thanked God that he had given me the time to prepare for her. The next week we got our court date and travel papers. We traveled the first week of July and were home by the 15th. We were the last case that they heard before their summer break. We needed that time to prepare mentally and physically for another little one in the house since our boys were so much older.
Like you said, it's a light bulb moment and you say oh yeah, thank you Lord for giving me that time.
We are still praying for you both and pray for a quick surgery date although selfishly I was praying that they could find a way to get around having to do that.
We love you both from afar and "Storm his Throne" on your behalf.
The Chaffin's
PS. Matt is getting engaged this Friday.

Erin said...

It is surprising sometimes just exactly how God answers our prayers. You are carrying this burden with grace, friend. And...your puppies are cute. :)

Alabamamom said...

Your post was such a blessing and encouragement to me. The Lord did that for me 5 years ago. I was a stay at home mom and praying for what He wanted me to do. To make a long story short, our daughter was able to drive herself to school and that left me free during the day. A friend called me to tell me she was going to be teaching at a church preschool near my house and they needed more teachers. I called my husband to see what he thought and he said it would be an answer to prayer, especially with our 2 sons in college and our daughter going in 2 years. I interviewed and got the job. It has been such a blessing to teach these 2 year olds and be able to share about Jesus with them.

We'll be praying for your surgery.

Kaydee Flores said...

Praise the Lord!! I'm PRAYING for you!!