Saturday, January 16, 2010

The week after Christmas, Brian and I were supposed to take a trip, but we didn't get to because I had several doctors' appointments. Instead of spending our trip money on a trip, we decided to use it to purchase some new furniture. You may have noticed that our old furniture made its new home in the man cave. It's perfect in there. It's manly and comfortable and great for TV viewing.

In the living room, we wanted something more classic and tailored. By "we", I might mean "me", but nonetheless, Brian and I were able to agree on a traditional look that was a nice blend of both masculine and feminine styles.

Here is our newly furnished room:

Wingback chairs and paisley prints are a favorite of Brian's. As far as decor goes, he rarely cares. I think it's funny, but I do like them.

It's funny how things seem totally different when you get them home. See the rug? In the store, this rug seemed huge. At home? Well, not so much. So now, I'm thinking of moving it under the dining room table and purchasing something at least twice its size for the living room.

Now, if we could just get those hardwoods that I've had my eyes on...

Houses are such a constant work in progress. I love that. They evolve with us.


Marla said...

Your living room in beautiful. I love the furniture. :)

Sandy Gillett said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! WOW you have good taste!

Whitney said...

LOVE the look!!! I am in love with that couch. I love that style. Beautiful, Lindsey. I'm sure the retail therapy was good for the soul. :)