Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Do you ever stop and think about what you can do to make a holiday particularly joyful and magical? I do. I always think, "Okay, what can I do to make this the best one that I've had yet?" This year, I think that I bit off a little more than I could reasonably chew, if this was to be the most magical and joyful Thanksgiving yet. And sometimes I wonder if the wonder of holidays just kind of wanes as you age. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the holidays, everything about them, but I can think back to some of the most glorious memories, and I have no idea how to create that same feeling in adulthood. Maybe I'm not making any sense. Who knows, or cares, for that matter?

Anyway, on with the story of the day . . .

When we woke up on Thanksgiving morning, our house was a total disaster because we had created one the night before as we tore the place apart to paint and stain. So, that was strike number one.

To add to the mess, let's just say that we had a dog explosion of sorts, in our bedroom of all places. This was due to the fact that Bertie had decided to sample the stain on the cabinets as it was drying. It turns out, her little bloodhound belly couldn't really handle it.

Well, if you know me at all, then you know that I pretty much do not function when my environment is out of whack. So, the more I pondered the messes, the more miffed I became. Brian, put his hands on my shoulders and orderd me [in the nicest Thanksgiving way] to get out of the house while he restored some of the order.

Unfortunately, I also have a martyr complex where I feel as if I must do everything myself. This couldn't be further from the truth because I have a very helpful husband, but it's just a little something I do for dramatic flare. Brian loves it, as you can imagine.

So, after a rough start, the day turned out quite nicely.

Here's the Bold and Beautiful Bertie, herself:

Oh, and this is in our neighborhood. It's so pretty here right now.

After the messes were somewhat resolved, we went to my sister's house for lunch. Here are the men watching football. And, you know what, I am so NOT a football fan, that I just accidentally typed baseball, and then I had to go back and edit it.
This was a Christmas card photo, runner-up. It didn't quite make the cut. My hair was a bit too, well, it looks like I did it with an egg beater (that phrase is in honor of Brian's grandmother. She actually coined it.).
This is my grandfather. He's just kicked back, watching the game.
Mom and Maddox are enthralled with Santa's fanciful entrance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Always a neat moment.
Hensley's hair gets an overhaul.

Maddox made the green bean casserole and he was SO proud of his accomplishment!

Brian made the yummiest stuffing that you've ever put your teeth in. It was dry and perfectly seasoned, just like he likes it. Paired with a generous helping of cranberry sauce, this stuff was incredible!
Oh, and he made this pie. Impressive, huh?


Anonymous said...

That pie in nice lookin

Anonymous said...

nobody liked your post. thats alot of pressure to do better. Think you can handle it??

Anonymous said...

Brian looks FAT

Anonymous said...

i'd say at least 350