Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hall Decking . . .

Well, my favorite time of year has finally arrived on Pleasant Drive. Usually, I have the house decorated as soon as the Thanksgiving festivities are complete (and sometimes even before), but this year was unusual. Since we did all that painting and staining last weekend, I couldn't even bear the thought of dragging out the Christmas decor. I had to give myself a week to rest. But, I was chomping at the bit to get the house Christmased by the time this weekend rolled around.

Here are a few looks into our home:

This is the big tree. And, boy, is it big. Last year, the ceilings in our house at the time weren't tall enough to put the top on the tree, so it wasn't quite so intimidating to decorated. But, this year, I probably climbed up and down on that ladder a hundred times before it was all said and done.
This is the small upstairs tree. This tree has all of our sentimental ornaments from our travels, special occasions, etc.

These are the kitchen cabinet tops. And, please know that that small fixture between the 2 sections is coming down - eventually. One thing at a time. I know that something larger needs to be there, but I just haven't found anything that I love yet.
Table decor

Big tree close-ups

I was SO impressed with my husband today. You see that roaring fire? Isn't it wonderful? Well, thanks to his mad skills and unlimited know-how, Brian had those fire logs installed in no time. And, I must say, it really completes the holiday atmosphere. And, isn't Vito sweet? It's strange to think that he's the smallest of our 4 dogs. Are we nuts, or what? Oh, and one more thing that you should know. See those wreaths laying on the mantel? They were hung just under the mantel, but they immediately started melting when the fire started. So, I had to moave them to the top of the fireplace.

Vito guards the courtyard door. What a stinker!

Happy Holidays, Y'all!


Katie said...

GORGEOUS!! And your husband's pose made me laugh out loud. My husband would totally do the same thing.

Meagan said...

It looks great!!! Your house is gorgeous!

One of Nettie's Girls said...

Beautiful! Large! Colorful! I especially love the kitchen cabinets decor. Oh, and that silly pose.

one of nettie's girls said...

That Verla comment is me. Signed into wrong account.

Sweet Simplicity said...

That is a gorgeous GIGANTIC tree!

Erin said...

Wow, what a tree! That looks great! And Brian looks so proud of his work...! ;)

mckenziegordon said...

I LOVE your open cabinets. We had those in our old house and I loved them and miss them now. Your Christmas decor looks great, too!

Whitney said...

Beaaaaaaaaautiful as always my sweet friend. I love how you go all out. You're a girl after my own heart, but I already knew that. :)

Liz Harrell said...

Sigh. Everything is just stunning, truly stunning. :)

And thank you so much for your support and comment yesterday, it meant so much, especially coming from you. God bless you and your sweet hubby!

Anonymous said...

Your home and decorations are just gives me many decorating ideas.

I found your blog through another one more than a year ago and I just love logging on to read....your writings and photos are just so heartwarming.

I hope your entire family has a blessed holiday season and keep the true meaning of the season glowing in our hearts :-)

Merry Christmas and Have A Happy Healthy 2010!!