Saturday, December 19, 2009

Festivus #1

Here on Pleasant Drive, the Christmas festivities last far more than a single day. Pretty much, we celebrate with family for about a solid week. Tonight, we travelled about an hour away to my grandparent's house for our first holiday gathering. These pictures aren't the best. I've never claimed to be a photographer, and these are evidence of that. I need an external flash. I can't ever get the lighting right in their house, without making them grainy/blurry. Maybe one of you has the solution for me. Anyway, that's more than you wanted or cared to know, but at least I have some photos to share.

Ashley and Brian got new phones, so they had to share their features.
Hensley loves to hang upside down.

Maddox was practicing his best Santa impression.
Waitin' for Santa

Ashley and Granny
Hensley got this hat and mitten set for Christmas. Isn't this precious?

Mom and Hensley

Maddox and Brian

Hensley the Healthy Eater
We're both having bad hair days. But, I'm just happy to have some for a bit longer.

As we drove home in the dark, my mind was reeling. To be honest, I do feel like the events of the past few days have diminished the holidays a bit. But, when I start feeling that way, it helps to focus on the true meaning behind the day. God gave his only Son to die for me. What a sacrifice! The giving of a life is a huge sacrifice. Thank you, Jesus, for dying for me.


Jeze said...

What a great celebration!

Here's a confession: When I'm in a situation where I really just want to get the shot and document a moment, and I'm not too concerned with bokeh and flare and all those other artsy things I'm usually trying to accomplish, I do a very bad thing: I set that baby on AUTO. And in indoor nighttime environments, if that means popping up that horrid little flash, so be it. (I'll usually try it on the no-flash setting first to see it will work, though.)

Debbie said...

I love you Lindsey and thank you for your testimony you share with us through your journey. I love your honesty and feel a part of your life. Thank you for allowing that us to be with you and pray for you!
I will do whatever I can for you at school....officially or not, just call me.
Merry Christmas to you, Brian and all your dog family!

Sandy Gillett said...

You have a wonderful blessed family! Your gatherings just look like so much fun! Yes, I can see it in your eyes, yours and Brian's. I just said to Mike, "I wish they could have found out after Christmas." The Lord knows however and your faith is incredible. I love you Lindsey.