Sunday, December 20, 2009

Celebration #2

Today, we had our second Christmas celebration. We went to my Dad and Stepmom's house after church to enjoy a wonderful meal and open presents.

You know, this morning was a weird morning. As we started getting near to our church, my stomach tied itself up in knots. For some reason, I just felt uneasy about going in and facing our Sunday school class. I know this seems weird, since our class is filled with friends that we love and who love us. But, it was just something about having to face people and talk about what is going on. As we walked into the room, I whispered to Brian, "I'm about to start crying." Now, this was the only time that I've even been close to tears since Thursday (diagnosis day), so I can't really explain why it hit me, but it did. I quickly excused myself to the restroom, pulled it together, and reentered the room without any chance of tears. God is so faithful to give us strength when we need it.

Now, on to the photos from the day:

Maddox's birthday is on Christmas Eve, so he got a few birthday gifts today, too. This Batmobile that transforms from a car to a plane and shoots missiles was quite the hit. It was NOT easy to figure out, but it sure was fun once we did.

Oh, the silly string. No holiday gathering is complete without it, right?

Chelsey is always the texter.
Their dining room was warm and cozy.

This picture pretty much says it all. I asked my BIL, Brian, to take a picture of me and Brian, and then Ashley jumped in. And, Brian's face? I have no explanation for that.
Sweet little Hensley had on the prettiest smocked dress. So classic and elegant.
It was a wonderful afternoon. Now, on to #3 tomorrow night. . .


Sandy Gillett said...

It's not weird it's normal. I don't know if I could have pulled it together like you did.
You are so blessed with family! They are wonderful! You look at peace, beautiful and strong. The picture of Ashley and Hensley is a priceless treasure! You captured a very special moment.

Amy said...

I must admit while you held it together for your Sunday School class, I didn't do quite as well. I didn't have a flood, but did share (as many people in our class prayed for you last year and know the Pond clan)....Anywho, like Mom said it's just normal. You know questions are going to come and you'd have to share!! God is so faithful and as I shared you've ministered to hundreds around this country, perhaps even around the world.