Thursday, December 31, 2009

Before and After

Brian and I sort of had a plan when we moved into our new house. The plan was to redo the inside of the house during the cold winter months, and then give the outside an overhaul when it warms up in late spring and summer. As it turns out, we've mostly been able to accomplish that. Since, we have no idea what the coming months bring (as far as my health goes), we decided to really get a jump on these painting projects over the holidays.

I thought that I'd give you guys a peek at what we've been working on. Now, please know that I fully realize that these rooms are not complete. They still need lots of accessorizing, wall hangings, draperies, decor, etc. But, this is a realistic view of what they look like now.

Here are some before shots of our bathroom:

You'll notice that it is rosy peach. EVERYWHERE! The floors, the walls, the ceiling, the cabinets. Everything is pretty much the same color.


We painted the walls a shade called thunder cloud. It's kind of a mixture of gray, light blue, and light green. It turned out well, I think. I also restained the cabinets in the bathroom.

Still to come: decor, window treatment, crown molding, a chandelier over the tub. I'd love to get rid of that huge mirror on the wall, but I don't really know how, short of hanging new drywall, and I'm just not willing to take that on at this point.

Bedroom BEFORE:

It has the same rosy peach as the bathroom. Also, it has a big mirror. The previous owners had an unusual affinity for mirrors.

Bedroom AFTER:

We painted it a very light blue shade. I like it. It's fresh and relaxing. I wasn't sure at first, but it is growing on me.

Please pay no attention to the cup sitting on top of the bed. That's Brian's drink perch.

Still to come: decor, area rug, drapes, crown molding

Media Room (aka Man Cave) BEFORE:

It's no surprise that this room also has peach walls and a huge mirror.

Media Room AFTER:

Brian is the designer of this room. Well, it was my idea to stripe, but he got the final say. I told him that this room was all his! But, I LOVE it, and I think that we'll spend an enormous amount of time in this room.


Erin said...

Looks great! I love the pale blue/green wall color. Our bathrooms had those same giant mirrors, and we didn't want to re-drywall either. We ended up buying some k-pattern trim (just basic white baseboard trim) and framing out the mirrors. They are still huge, but the white frame around them gives them more of a 'finished' or polished look. Don't know if that made sense, but it was a cheap fix for us! :)

Jana said...

I wonder if the previous owners were trying to achieve a terracotta shade that just didn't turn out right? Either way, I like your version better! I was also going to mention Erin's suggestion about framing out the bathroom mirror. I've never tried it, but I have the same situation in two baths that I'd like to try it on. So, you try it and let me know how it goes, K? :)

k_stin said...

Wow--that is crazy about all those mirrors! I like what you did! You have great taste!

Meagan said...

Everything looks great!!! I love all of your paint colors. Kinda weird they were so into mirrors.. ha ha!

mckenziegordon said...

Looks so cute! I love to paint rooms different colors. I think it's the most cost effective DIY project because if you hate it $25 will fix it and it has such a HUGE affect on the whole space. Good calm color choices. I think with everything else going on in your life that was a great choice!

Debbie said... are a miracle worker!You have made that house into a warm, beautiful home! I love all the "before" and "after"!
Happy New Year, my sweet friend!

Sandy Gillett said...

It's beautiful Lindsey. I LOVE the stripes!

Whitney said...

Everything looks fabulous, my dear!! I LOVE IT! You guys have done a great job!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I love the thunder cloud color!! And the staining--I'm impressed!

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