Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Today, I had to work late - until 6:30. From 7:45 to 6:30. To you, this may seem like no big deal, but to me, it is. I am SCREAMING inside (and sometimes it seeps out just a smidge).
You see, the field of education is a tricky one. It's deeply flawed if you ask me, or maybe it's just the district for which I work. We (the teachers) are worked like slaves. I can't even count the number of times that people say jabbing remarks like, "Yeah, but you get the summers off. . . Yeah, but you get so many holidays.... Yeah, but you get off at 3:00 ... How hard can it be to teach elementary kids?" Well, folks, the truth is that it can be very hard. Exceptionally hard. Impossible, even.
On some days, I can't stand my job. I love my school and the other teachers who work there. I love my class and all the little personalities that are in it. But, I detest the uncompensated overtime. I wish I did get off at 3:00. I wish I could go to the bathroom whenever I want. I wish I was allowed to do the paperwork that I am required to do during my paid work hours. I wish that the expectations were reasonable and that all children COULD perform at the same level, at the same time, on the same day. But then, well, teaching wouldn't be teaching.
So, I guess I'll dry my tears and paste a smile on my face. Maybe that'll help me get through my training tonight.


Meagan said...

I think that teachers are so underpaid and under appreciated. Just know that I appreciate you! Your job is so very, very important!

Erin said...

You are doing a great job. I understand your plight, and, while I don't see the problem ever being righted, just hold on to those moments where you realize just exactly WHY it is that you do what you do--for the kiddos! Keep going!!!

Sandy Gillett said...

I hear you Sweet. It's an impossible job! Mike has his certification, K-8. He did student teaching and then subbed for a couple of years until oil field picked up again. This was in the eighties. Talk to him anytime - it's a terrible job!! Nothing like you think, or imagine and it's not the kids, it's the administration!!!! The only way around it is to teach in a private, preferably Christian school. There you could actually teach! Love you! Call and rant to Mike anytime, he will hear you believe me.

April said...

Haha, sounds to me like teachers have a lot of the same issues that nurses do :) (I know, because I am one.)

I'm thankful for good teachers (and good nurses, too) who endure the under-paid and over-worked conditions that their jobs put them through, and who wait for those small moments when they remember why they do what they do.