Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Nerve of Some People

You know, this week has been unusually rotten. It has been full of conflict and confrontation. Though situations that involve conflict and confrontation don't bother me or scare me, they do exhaust me.

At about 2:00pm this afternoon, I almost just burst into tears for no one reason, but for a combination of about 1122389791 reasons - some job-related, some medical-related, some socially-related. I kept telling myself, "You just gotta make it through one more hour before you can unload the stress of the day(s)." Unfortunately, there is NO privacy in teaching. Little eyes are always on me - watching my every move. So, if I feel stressed, the class feels stressed. If I feel sad, the class feels sad. If I feel nervous, the class feels nervous. You get my drift . . . All emotions in the classroom are shared, and thus it is necessary that I keep it together - that I keep my game face on.

Thank goodness for the invention of email, for it's about the only private way of conversing during the day. And, I'm pretty sure that my wonderful husband should earn a Nobel Peace Prize for his ability to bring sanity to my otherwise chaotic life. Most days, we have an ongoing conversation via email throughout our workdays. As I was feeling more and more beat down today, there was Brian, lifting me up. I love that guy so much!

By the time I got in my car to drive home, my body felt physically wiped out, a feeling reminiscent of my chemo days. And, I know it was just the physical feeling of stress. My class was great today. They usually are. Now, if I could just get the adults to straighten up and behave :)


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your having a rough week. Thank the good Lord for great husbands!! Hang in there, one more day until the weekend!

Sandy Gillett said...

Oh Yeah, I hear you. People are so rude and insensitive and just impossible most of the time! I ask Mike all the time, "Are they Christians?" If the answer is no then they can't help it. It we're Christians and we're acting like that than we need to spend some time in the Throne Room.

Unknown said...

"If I feel stressed, the class feels stressed. If I feel sad, the class feels sad. If I feel nervous, the class feels nervous."

--That's exactly how I feel about parenting! It's hard work, but so rewarding. But it's so hard to be on your best behavior all the time!

It's Friday now, so your week is over!! Rejoice in that! :)

Anonymous said...

lets move to Alaska!

Michele said...

I'm a little behind in reading blogs...and just had to tell you that I love your're just beautiful! But I understand what you mean about curls...I've never had them...I have straight as a board hair and I hate it!!!

Sorry you had a rough week...sending big hugz!