Monday, October 12, 2009

The Week from That One Place

In the past 18 months, Brian and I have moved a LOT! 2 months prior to our wedding, we moved his stuff into my house (not him. just his stuff). Then, 2 months after the wedding, we moved all of our stuff into a POD in our driveway after our house flooded due to a lightning strike. Then, 6 months after that we moved out of our house for good and into our current rent house. And now, well, we're moving again.

When Brian's cousin, Alex, was in town this weekend, we thought that we'd be smart and make use of his big muscles. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that we thought it through because now we have no furniture, other than bedroom furniture in our rent house and no bedroom furniture in our new house. I packed up our entire kitchen, save 2 bowls and a fork, and we moved that, too. Then, we ran out of weekend, so we had to stop. Imagine the chaos that we are living in.

This morning, as Brian and I sat on the floor of the living room, eating oatmeal with a fork, we decided that we can't live like this for long, or we're going to go nuts.

But now, as I type this, I can't help but feel that I am being a bit dramatic. I mean, imagine those who have no homes. And, I'm complaining because I have two. Imagine those who have no food. And, I'm griping because I have to eat mine with a fork, rather than a spoon.

Hmmm. It really makes ya think, doesn't it?


Sandy Gillett said...

This is very cute! I really don't see it as complaining however. I would imagine that knowing you two you'll be moved by the end of the week even with work and all. I don't blame you, the house is amazingly adorable and fun! And when you have the keys in your hand it's really hard to stay in the rental no matter how nice it is. Love You.

Love Lace said...

Oh the joy in moving!!! I'm a weird person, and love to eat everything (except ice cream) with a fork!!!