Monday, October 12, 2009

This is a cake walk!

Remember when we were thinking that maybe our home wasn't the best place for Bertie? I feel that she deserves an update, especially since bringing a new puppy into the mix. She is like an entirely new dog. She has mastered house training, and she is a model dog citizen. I even let her walk off of her leash when we go for a stroll. I'm not sure if she sensed that she was walking a thin line, or what, but she definitely has her act together now, and I am SO glad that we thought twice about rehoming her.

Not only has she shaped up her own skills, but she has been a wonderful big sister to Wally (or Wally Wilberforce, or Walter, or Willy Wally, or Fuzz Fest, or whatever we decide to deem him at the moment).

I'm guessing that having dogs is like having children (yes, I know that having kids is WAY more difficult, which is exactly why I have dogs instead). But, in the same way as having 4 kids, you get a little more lax with each one. With our previous puppies, we've taken them to the vet and put them on puppy health plans within 24 hours of getting them. We've now had Wally for 2 1/2 weeks, and we have yet to get him in to see the vet. With the other pups, we've purchased new toys, collars, treats, etcetera the very same day that we get them. Poor Wally had to chew on a toothpaste box this morning because it was all I could find.

He's adjusting beautifully to his new home, though. He's pretty much house trained, and he hasn't chewed up anything - YET! I'm sure just about the time he gets totally settled, we'll turn his little life upside down by moving him to a new house. Oh well, such is life!n

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