Thursday, September 10, 2009


I just have a quick second to post, as I'm trying to force in a bowl of cinnamon roll oatmeal before I head out the door to work. But, I wanted to let all of my tens of blog readers know that yesterday was a better day, and today's going to be even bettter. I just know it.

I exited the school with an extra spring in my step yesterday as I left all of the unfinished work behind and headed for the hills (er, uh Pleasant Drive, as we like to call it).

It wasn't easy. And, I'm going to admit feeling that little twinge of guilt that makes me worry about not getting it all done. But, you know what? It will never all be done.

Thanks for your encouragement yesterday! And, with that, I'm out to be all that I can be. . .

Until 3 'o clock, that is :)


The Skaggs said...

Love you!

Whitney said...

Ya know, I often feel overwhelmed with keeping up the house. But like you, I've learned to stop and take time for what's important. And right now, that's loving on my 3 month old. :)
You are a delight. Did ya know?

Sandy Gillett said...

You are very wise. It will never be totally done - it's endless. And, you will always feel that twinge of guilt. One day at a time. (easier said than done, I know)