Friday, September 11, 2009

Rethinking the Power Suit

I've often been fascinated by those high-powered women that go through life with cell phones to their ears and planners in their hands. They seem to be so important and scheduled, so driven and effective. And, I'll admit to aspiring to become one of those types.

Well, after a couple of weeks on the brink of a breakdown, I'm rapidly rethinking my aspirations. Tonight, my stress level was quickly put in perspective when Brian commented, "You weren't this stressed when you were dealing with cancer!"

"Wow! What's my problem?" I wondered.

After talking things over with him and doing some soul searching of my own, I realized that I'm in that searching phase now. Sure, I know the transcendent truths that I hold in my heart. But, I'm in that place where I feel like the world is at my fingertips, yet I have no idea how to touch it. Have you been there? It's like, I can be anything I want when I grow up, yet I have no idea what I want to be.

So, tonight, I decided to return to the lessons that I learned a year ago. My life is TOO short to live in a constant state of mental to-do lists and ceaseless chores. Instead, I need to slow down and take it all in. I was good at this at this time last year. I'm not sure when I got off track - but I did, and it was in a BIG way!

"Now what?" you might be wondering.

Now, instead of finding me closed up in the office doing homework or on the computer doing schoolwork, you'll find me enjoying a TV show with Brian, digging in the dirt in the flowerbed, snapping pictures of the dogs, or creating a yummy meal in the kitchen. For me - these are the nonnegotiables.


Whitney said...

LOVE the name (and content) of this post. Rethinking the Power Suit. :)

Katie said...

Awesome post!

Sandy Gillett said...

Oh My Goodness - this is way too much wisdom for 25 years old. What a blessing to realize this with your entire life a head of you! I've been through the same thing and every once in a while go through it again. You have it within you to be one of those "power suit" women but the difference is where your heart (treasure) is. Hang in there sweet niece you are making very wise life determining choices! You have not even begun to see the blessings the Lord has for you and Bri. Brian is so blessed to have you!