Saturday, August 29, 2009

Welcome Back, Bertie.

Today has been tumultuous. Volatile even. It all started this morning when I walked into the doggie bedroom to find Bertie sitting atop a pile of shredded bedding. She was delighted with herself. Of course, this followed her shenanigans from the morning before when she jumped on top of our bed and peed. And, not just on the sheets but on the comforter, blanket, and sheets. And, soon after that she galloped through the house in a full run, which is not, at all unusual for her little puppy self. But, on this particular morning her big feet were adorned with mud which left big Bloodhound footprints all over the carpet, tile, and furniture. Ahhh, dear, sweet little Bertie, what will we do with you?

When we were discussing her recent personality flaws, she squatted in front of us and peed on the carpet. That was it! The last straw. With not so much as a second thought, I said to Brian, "She's going on Craig's List. I've had it! I can't do this anymore!" I rushed outside in such a frenzy that I didn't even concern myself with pants or shoes and I snapped a few pictures that made the typically annoying canine seem somewhat adorable. In 5 minutes flat, I had posted an ad, complete with pictures and a wonderful caption that boasted of all of her wonderful traits - "Crate-trained! Spayed! Vaccinated! Microchipped! Wellness Plan!" Who knew that a free dog of this description was such a hot commodity?

Within an hour, the interested parties came rolling in. And, something totally unexpected washed over us - heartache. I couldn't do it. "Look at her, Bri. Just look at her. See how happy she is?"

"Yeah, and she's Gladys' best friend," he replied.

"Okay, the only way that I'm doing this is if someone will give her a better life than we do. Not just the same, but they have to be better. And, I don't think that's possible. She stays inside. She gets a daily long walk. She's fed and watered often. We play with her and love on her. She has other dogs to play with. She is on a puppy wellness plan to make sure she stays healthy and well. No one is going to be better than us," I discussed my worries with Brian.

So, with that conversation, we decided to delete the ad.

Not more than a couple of hours had passed when I said, "Well, maybe she would be better off somewhere else. You know where she had a big yard and acreage to run on? And, maybe if someone had more time to spend with her?" My mind was going back-and-forth, back-and-forth. So, we listed her again. And, again, the interest was unbelievably quick.

But then, the heartache settled in again. Tears filled my eyes, and I said to Brian, "I can't do it. I'm so sorry that I've been so wishy washy about this, but I just can't do it." Luckily, Brian agreed with me, and said that he felt the same way.

He said, "We're not going to keep doing this. What is our final decision? Either we do it or we don't, but this is exhausting!"

Again, we removed the ad.

Brian went to Bertie, who was peacefully sleeping in the corner of the dining room, picked her up, looked her in the eye, and said, "Welcome back, Bertie."

This is one of those times when I am so glad that dogs have no idea what we're saying. Poor Bertie would've been heartbroken today.

We just decided that, yes, she is a pain in the you know where! And, she causes us more grief and trouble and mess than anyone else. But, at the end of the day, she IS one of ours til death do us part.


Sandy Gillett said...

This is a comical read but I'm sure a stressful day. No wonder Brian was vacumming. And what a cute comment, "Welcome Back, Bertie!" Adorable.

Jeze said...

Usually, I don't enjoy reading posts about pets, because in all honesty, I'm just not an animal person. It's hard for me to relate to anecdotes about dogs/cats/hamsters/whathaveyou. But this one actually helped me "get it" (although not well enough that I'm in any rush to head to the pound, understand).

The fact is this: Bertie is yours and you are hers. I think that's pretty great.

THE Stephanie said...

Oh girl, we have a puppy and I feel your pain. But she's so cute, so I too, understand how you couldn't give her away. Every time our sweet Sophie pees on the floor I just want to scream, but then she looks at me with those big eyes...

It's a vicious cycle. LOL