Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I guess the fact that I am an elementary teacher is what makes me so intrigued by schools in foreign countries. I don't know. The international methods of education are fascinating to me. While we were in Belize, we had the opportunity to visit Holy Cross Anglican School. In Belize, education is tied to churches. There is no public education, as we know it. On the island of San Pedro, there are two schools, and Holy Cross is one of them.

As we travelled to the school, via golf cart, we had to go over a toll bridge. Notice the little white building on the right. That's the toll booth. To travel over the bridge, it costs $5 (round trip). Is that not unbelievable? You can walk over it for free, but to drive your golf cart over this bridge that is not more than 20 feet long, you have to pay $5.

As we began to near Holy Cross, these were the sights that surrounded us:

Extreme poverty. Not to say that there isn't poverty like this in America, but it certainly isn't something that most of us encounter every day. Most of the homes were without electricity and many had no running water. So tell me, how are these families supposed to provide education?

This is Holy Cross Anglican School. It is a grouping of portable buildings, and this school educates approximately 500 students each year. I was SO impressed with them! A missionary couple has stationed themselves in San Pedro to partner with Holy Cross. A fabulous work is being done through them.

It definitely made me thankful for the facility that I report to every school day:

We visited Holy Cross on a Sunday, and there was an Episcopalian mission team from California working at the church. We participated in a church service with them. I felt like a fish out of water, as it was far different than my good 'ole Baptist roots, but it was neat to worship God along side total strangers. This was the location of the service:
The two most impressive things about Holy Cross were its library and computer lab. Mission teams have donated the funds to give these children unbelievable learning resources. In fact, the resources are far more extravagant than the buildings in which they are housed.

This is another outside shot of the school. I think what's even more interesting than the fact that they educate 500 children a year on this campus, is the fact that they feed 500 children two meals a day. Again, unbelievable!

To say the least, I was moved by their efforts. I was impressed with their ability to overlook difficulties in order to provide the best possible environment for the children. They are working diligently to help them rise above their families' deep roots of poverty.


Lindsey said...

Love the new header!!

Sandy Gillett said...

This was certainly an unbelievable experience. I am so thankful for the mission work being done there for these precious people.