Monday, August 10, 2009

I Saw A Ship A-Sailing

Have you ever gone on a trip, only to get home and realize you didn't do anything new or exciting, but just lived your same old life in another spot? I hate it when that happens. To me, travelling is about adventure. It's about trying new things, and about experiencing a different life. Maybe that's why every time Brian and I travel, we reconfirm our shared desire to live an extraordinary life together. We constantly say, "Let's not wake up when we're 50 and realize that we've done the ordinary thing." I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with ordinary. In fact, in the past year, I came to appreciate ordinary in ways that I never thought that I would. However, I'm not okay with just living the typical life. I want to pack as many adventures into my life as I possibly can.

While in Belize, we got to experience something totally new - we sailed on the Carribean Sea. It was exhilirating, breathtaking, and exciting! We spent 2 days on the boat and each one was incredibly enjoyable. On the first day, we sailed for 2 hours to the island of Caye Caulker (usually pronounced "key cocker"). This island is newly inhabited, and it was reminiscent of a deserted tropical island - no cars, no paved roads, and very few houses.

The sailboat that we were on was large, it slept 8 people. I was so impressed with this 18-year-old Belizean guy that went with us to assist in the sail. He knew those waters and that boat like the back of his hand. The water off the coast of Belize is crystal clear and full of underwater treasures. The Belize Barrier Reef is the 2nd largest coral reef in the world, and we sailed all around it.

The second day on the boat, we sailed out to the coral gardens (about an hour sail), and snorkeled among some of the most exquisite underwater sights and creatures. Again, this was a totally new experience for us, and we LOVED it! In the coral gardens, the coral is so large that it grows just inches below the waters surface. Brian even swam down about 15 feet to the ocean floor to retrieve a conch shell. Little did he know, it was the home of a hermit crab.

This picture holds a neat story. The man on the left is Ricardo. Ricardo is a 35-year-old Belizean man. When he was 21, he was attacked with a machete, and he became blind as a result of the attack. He has really been down on his luck lately. So, the Williams (our wonderful hosts) invited him to sail with us, as a small measure of encouragement.
On our way back to San Pedro from Caye Caulker, Brian decided to fish, and he caught a 4-foot long barracuda. It was HUGE! Unfortunately, he bit through the steel leader before Bri could get him in the boat. After that excitement, Ricardo wanted to try his hand at fishing, too. Unfortunately, they didn't catch anymore fish.

Body surfing off of the boat's deck.

Sunbathing on the boat.

A close up of the beautiful Nina.


the undomesticated wife said...

Just magical!

Those barracuda have beady looking eyes! We saw lots of them...thankfully not *too* close up. ha!

Sandy Gillett said...

The first year of your marriage was full of adventure of a certain kind and the second year has certainly been full of adventure in the way we think of adventure. There is never a dull moment obviously. You are fast becoming one and the Lord is creating a totally awesome, talented, inteligent, gifted, and so full of the Lord you could burst couple. In fact, you're so full of love and blessing it just spills over onto other people whether you know them or not. This vacation looks like it was an unbeliveable experience.

Kristina said...

It looks amazing! I would love to escape to Belize!

Unknown said...

Amazing! We feel the same way about not living an average life! :)