Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good Night, Linda.

Snookums. Sweet Pea. Honey. Baby.
All of these pet names are ones that frequent my mind when considering the subject. I always get little warm, fuzzy feelings when I overhear spouses refer to each other with such titles of adoration. And, my heart leaps for joy to know that the two have settled to such a level of comfort that their given names are no longer appropriate addresses for the depth of intimacy that the couple shares.
It didn't fully occur to me until Friday night, that Brian and I have our own way of communicating adoration and comfort with each other. No, it's not through the common terms. But, who likes to be typical?
As I was walking down the long, dreary hall to our bedroom, I heard Brian's voice echo behind me, "Good night, Linda." And, with a quick utterance, I realized - "That's his name for me."
Some ask, "Why Linda?" According to Brian, Linda can be translated from Spanish to English as beautiful or perfect. Whatever the reason, it is a private label that no one else, except for Brian, uses for me. And for that reason, alone, I cherish it.


Sandy Gillett said...

Wow! That's sweet. I love your description of how spouses get to the level of adoration where a given name doesn't fit. Lindsey - Lindah that's sweet and just between the two of you. Anyone can say, honey, dear and I'm not putting that down but when something unique comes out without thinking about it that's really special!

Meagan said...

That is so sweet! I love nicknames too..we have so many. They are totally cheesy but I love them anyways. I call him Monkey, Mr. baby, Monk, love muffin. LOL. He calls me babe, Boobs, Monkey, and Itty Bitty.

Michele said...

Awww, that's so adorable! Sure beats butthead, which is what Glenn calls me!!! But if he's really trying to be romantic, he calls me poopsie...oh well!


Kristina said...

Love it! Y'all must have the most fun house ever. :)

Anonymous said...

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