Monday, August 31, 2009


After a long week back at school, this weekend was just what the doctor ordered. Here on Pleasant Drive, we rested. A lot. And, I make no excuses for it either.

As I was busying myself around the house yesterday morning, Brian said, "You always ruin my Saturdays by doing work all day. Let's just play."

So, I of course, being the martyr that I am, complained about how I had so much to do and that that was the only time that I had to do it. I had not even completed my whining when Brian left my presence and began vacuuming.

Getting him to help me with the work wasn't my goal, but it was a wonderful perk! Since we were both working, the housework was done in no time, and we just enjoyed each others company the rest of the weekend. Now, I feel rested, refreshed, and ready for another work week.

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Lindsey said...

Def a perk when the hubs helps cleaning, haha! Your weekend sounds a lot like mine!