Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Perk

One of the many perks of being married is that you inherit from your spouse a whole swarm of new friends . I have really enjoyed getting to know some of Brian's childhood and college friends. They hold memories with my husband that I will never know, and some that I don't care to know :)

Last weekend, Brian and I had the wonderful privilege of visiting Randy and Eleanor. Randy and Brian grew up in the same town, the same church, and went to the same college. Randy was a groomsman in our wedding last year, but I didn't really have the chance to get to know him.

Randy and Eleanor live about 7 hours away from us, so our paths don't often cross, but I wish that they did. I try to always go along with any plans that Brian makes to visit one of his friends, but I always go with some reservation if I wasn't involved in making the plans. This is probably due to the fact that I'm a poster child control freak, but I just worry when the guys are making the plans and there are no women involved. They are fine to stay in any conditions, while I can be a little choosier with my accommodations. So, I went with great anticipation of what laid ahead for us.

To my pleasant surprise, I arrived at a lovely home that abounded with hospitality. Eleanor is gifted with great creativity and generosity. She had prepared a lovely welcome basket for us, and cleaned her house to perfection to ensure a peaceful stay. I was delighted, to say the least!

We didn't really do anything grand while we visited with them, and that made for a perfect trip with lots of chatting and catching up. Randy is a youth pastor at a church in their town, and Eleanor serves tirelessly beside him. It was so neat to watch them thrive in the exact place where the Lord has led them. As they talked with passion about their ministry and their church, it made my heart leap with the joy of the Lord. I could look at them and tell that they were on the brink of doing amazing things for God's kingdom.

I wish that I would've taken more pictures of their cute house, and one of Eleanor, but I didn't think to pull my camera out very often. So, the dog washing pictures are all that I have.

What fun it was to make new friends! Randy and Eleanor, thank you for a wonderful weekend, and thank you for being such a wonderful example of selfless service.


the undomesticated wife said...

I'm glad you had a nice visit. It's hard to have such good friends living so far away.

Sandy Gillett said...

Brian has wonderful friends and you are his best.

Unknown said...

How fun!