Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More from the Mountain

On day two of our trip to Colorado, I was eager to jump out of bed and look outside, since it was dark when we arrived the night before. Let me assure you, the sights did not disappoint! I had always pictured in my mind that Brian's grandparents (Art and Jan) lived the lives of recluses in their mountaintop cabin. Boy, was I wrong! Those two are constantly blowing and going from one social event to the next. As soon as we were all dressed and ready for the day, Jan was ready to give us a tour of two surrounding towns - La Veta and Cuchara. Both were nestled amidst picturesque landscapes.

Just outside of Cuchara, we drove to the top of a mountain that boasted of a 12,000ft elevation. Though the air was unbelievably thin, the wildflowers were rather fond of the climate. They grew to enormous sizes in the mountaintop garden.
Just outside of La Veta, there was a very impressive golf course (behind me). Maybe one day I'll get to go back and play there. That is, when I learn how to play golf.
Lauren and Josh (Brian's sister and BIL) shopped in Cuchara. They accompanied us on the trip.
La Veta
A perfect ending to a perfect day.
Oh, and I mustn't forget the dominos. I lost. Miserably.



Erin said...

Wow, I can't get over how beautiful those pictures are! Makes me want to go visit Colorado right away!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Beautiful pictures! Watch out for grandma, she only has one domino left! Why are grandma's always so good at card/domino games??

Michele said...

OMG...those pictures are simply breathtaking. I've been to Colorado once, on the way to Vegas when I got married. It was hotter than anything on the ground and up at the top of the mountain, we were freezing...too weird!

Sounds like a fun time was had by all!


Sandy Gillett said...

What a wonderful trip!! We've only been to Colorado once. Trinidad, not too far from where Art & Jan live. It was in July and it was hot and dry. It didn't look anything like this and I wasn't impressed. However, I now have an entire different opinion. Thanks for sharing. Art and Jan are so much fun!!

Unknown said...

dominoes are such a great vacation game! I have good memories of "vacation chickenfoot"!