Monday, June 15, 2009

True to Texas

In typical Texan fashion, my husband got the truck-buying bug a few weeks ago. You know what? It was our third vehicle to purchase together in our year-long marriage. Some would say that we are obsessed with cars, but I just chock it up to the fact that we change our minds often. It's a hobby. I love to watch that salesman sweat bullets as he works hard to close the deal. Not that I give him a run for his money, or anything, but I make it clear from the beginning that I will be perfectly content with my old car if he can't get the numbers where I want them.

I think that we're settled with the vehicles we have now - me in my Tahoe and Brian in his Tundra. They suit us.

Oh, and you should see that Brian driving his big, black truck. He does know how to make a woman swoon :)

(I had to add a stock photo, because my pictures turned out so bright, and they just don't do that baby justice!)

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Sandy Gillett said...

I hear you. Mike loves cars too and the salesman deals with me!