Friday, June 12, 2009


Do you ever sit back and sigh when you reach the final stages of something very important or overwhelming? Do you ever just take in those moments of relief that the end is near?
For me, that's what this morning holds. I love mornings. I'm a morning person, through and through, and I hate it when I sleep so late that I totally miss the morning (which only happens about once or twice a year). The dawning of a new day is full of possibilities and excitement. What will the day hold? Who will the day encounter?
This morning, I am up. Brian and the dogs are asleep, and the house is quiet. And, I found that when I walked into the sunny living room and sat down, I exhaled a sigh. A sigh of, "I made it. I did it. It's pretty much over." Sure, I have 6 or 7 more Herceptin treatments at the cancer center, and I'll have screenings and ongoing evaluations for the rest of my life. But the unknown, the scary parts, they are over. For now.
I'm sure that you've noticed these same kinds of ebbing and flowing in your own life, where the ups and downs are ceaseless cycle of joy, scattered with fear. I can't help but think of Psalm 23:4 which says, "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me."
Faithful ones, God is near. His presence is hovering over you. So, when the scary times come, and they will, and you are tempted to crumble in fear, sigh. And remember, He is with you.


Laura said...

So glad to hear that you are feeling good!

Leslie said...

Mornings are the best. I'm trying to get better at getting up and taking advantage of them. Glad to say that I did that this morning too!

Emily said...

I do not share your enthusiasm for mornings, but totally get what you are saying. Due to a brain tumor, my 11 yr old daughter has been through 2 rounds of chemo(currently on 2nd). Next week will be her 99th week of treatment-WHOA! We have been blessed that her counts have stayed pretty much in the safe zone the entire 99 weeks, except for recently. They have been extremely low for 2 weeks now and we just got word this morning that they are back up high-so I too, found myself *sighing* that we have overcome another hurdle. Thank you for sharing your journey with us-those who are going through similar ones find great comfort in following your journey along with their own.

Michele said...

Oh Lindsey ~ I'm so glad you're feeling good. Glad the bad is behind you now...yes, God is good!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Erin said...

Thanks for sharing, Lindsey.

one of nettie's girls said...

I so needed this reminder today. Thank you for sharing what God had obviously put on your heart.

Sweet Simplicity said...

I hate when I miss out on a few peaceful hours in the morning too! Very encouraging post.

Sandy Gillett said...

Lindsey, you have The Gift of Faith. You also have a gift for writing. This is your year. Expect it. We love you.