Sunday, June 7, 2009

One down...

Today marks my one-year wedding anniversary to my precious husband Brian. When I sit and reflect on the happenings of the year my heart is full of joy. I am overwhelmed with love for my God and for my wonderful husband. People always say, "The first year is the hardest." Well, I think the first year was especially hard, but even in the midst of trial after trial after trial, I still looked at Brian yesterday and said, "Bri, this has been the best year of my life."
Year #1 was a wonderful year.
June - This was an easy month. We were married, and we honeymooned in style at the Ritz in Grand Cayman. It was fabulous! We also spent this month settling in and job hunting for Brian.
July - Brian began is current job on July 7th. This was such a great financial blessing for us. Also, we purchased our first major purchase together - a Volkswagen Passat.
August - We started the month with a bang by adopting Gladys (our English mastiff). She has been stealing our hearts ever since. About a week later we purchased a Chevy Tahoe. We had to have something to tote our dogs around in. Also, Brian's sister, Lauren, was married on the 16th. This was the day I found the tumor in my breast (but I wasn't that worried). Our house was struck by lightning on August 23rd. This totally devastated our home to the point that it wasn't livable for over a month.
September - We spent most of this month with Lauren and Josh (Brian's sister and BIL) while our house was being remodeled. We had to totally move everything out so that repairs could be made. This month started abruptly with my cancer diagnosis coming on the 4th. It was a month full of doctors' appointments and tests. It ended on the 30th with my bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction surgery.
October - I spent most of October at home recovering from surgery. Brian was the best supporter and caretaker. I went to Oklahoma with my family for a little getaway for a few days. I cried myself to sleep every night because I missed Brian so much. He was my rock, my sanity, and my best friend. I enjoyed the time with my family, and I thought that Brian needed a break from my neediness, but it was miserable for us to be apart. We ended the month with my first chemo treatment on the 24th.
November - Thanksgiving and relief that chemo wasn't so bad. Brian started giving me Neulasta shots at home following treatments. What a great man! He can do it all!
December - By this time, I was tired. Chemo was really wearing me out. I was only working about 3 days/week, and Brian was doing a lot more than his fair share of the workload. We Christmased all over the place and we ended the month with a fabulous getaway to Destin, Florida. It was just what the doctor ordered for us. In fact, we've already made plans to go back this year.
January - We decided to put our house on the market, knowing that real estate was moving slowly. We spent the whole month cleaning and straightening and cleaning and straightening, making sure the house was "show ready". To our surprise, we sold it by the end of the month. God is good!
February - We spent the beginning of the month packing and planning our next place of residence. On Friday the 13th (good thing we're not superstitious!), I had my last chemo, we moved into our new home, and we had to get rid of one of our doggies who'd turned viscious with the moving upheaval. It was a bittersweet day. We were so happy to have a new place to call home!
March - Brian started back to school (online), we adopted Bertie the Bloodhound, and Brian turned 27.
April - During this month, I first noticed that I was starting to feel "normal" again, after 6 months of cancer treatment. What a mighy God!
May - Brian and I were featured in our local newspaper as advocates for the Susan G. Komen breast cancer reserach foundation. I was honored to be chosen as the local Race for the Cure spokesperson. And, we purchased a new truck (Toyota Tundra). You should see how cute Brian looks when he's driving it!!!
June - Here we are. 1 year. I'll be 26 later this month. I would say that it has been a heck of a year.
Here, on Pleasant Drive, there is never a shortage of excitement. There is always something going on, and for that I'm truly grateful. I can't wait to see what year #2 holds. More than anything, I know that God holds this year, and all the years to come. We are truly blessed and overwhelmed at how perfect His provision and timing and presence has been in our lives.



Erin said...

Wow, what a year. Great post. Here's to many more (hopefully less eventful...) years! ;)

(PS-How did you finally get your blog to where you can post such large pictures? Thanks!)

Sandy Gillett said...

What a remarkable year. This is only the beginning for you two. Thanks for sharing. I am humbly blessed.

Laura said...

What a year! You are such a strong woman. Would love to see more wedding pics.

SweDaisy said...

Congratulations to you and Brian for overcoming your first year. After everything you have been through, now you really know that there isn't you and Brian can't do.

Take care,

Lindsey said...

What a year! And what a gorgeous wedding!! Happy Anniversary!

Michele said...

Wow Lindsey ~ what a year! I'm so thankful you're feeling is so good!


Sweet Simplicity said...

Your wedding was so beautiful! Happy Anniversary! You guys have had such an eventful year. Here's to many more happy and very relaxing years for you two!

the undomesticated wife said...

I love your attitude more than anything!

:( I didn't realize you had to rehome one of your dogs.

Your husband sounds like the best friend a person can have!

one of nettie's girls said...

Wonderful thoughts on your first year. God has truly blessed you with a great husband and family.

podso said...

Happy Anniversary. What a wonderful post. You've got the right perspective, that's for sure. You've seen God's grace in this amazing year.

Caleb said...

That wedding was awesome, and so is this post! Great summary--like a TV Guide or Readers Digest version of your year. This post is email blast worthy.