Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day

I love Memorial Day, don't you? Not only is it a special day to honor our troops and those who have given their lives to preserve our freedom, but also it is a great way to start the summer season with a bang! Unfortunately, school continued after the holiday, but not for long. Brian and I spent the afternoon and evening in my mom and stepdad's beautiful backyard. They prepared quite the feast for us.

Maddox enjoyed his ribs!
Chelsey got caught in the act.

Me and Chelsey (or Chester, as we prefer to call her)

Ashley shoots a concerned look at Maddox while Hensley eyes the potato salad.

Chelsey and Maddox


Brian. I like him.

Just a few more days before I can truly start my lazy summer days!


Sandy Gillett said...

Oh Lindsey, what a wonderful family! And Wow can they cook. You are so blessed! I love your hair it is so cute short!

Sweet Simplicity said...

That was quite the feast! I bet you can't wait until school is out!

Unknown said...

what a fun memorial day weekend! your family is absolutely precious. great photos and thanks for sharing~

Lindsey said...

What a sweet fam and yummy food!!

Erin said...

Good pics. And I love the pixie hair-do. Very cute.

Michele said...

Hi Lindsey ~ looks like you guys had a wonderful time and the food looks yummmmmyy!!!

Thanks for sharing the pics!