Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Maddox the Magnificent

If you're a regular blog reader, then you know Maddox, my nephew. Brian and I have the unique privilege of being aunt and uncle to Maddox and Hensley. We always have the most magical and exhausting time with them. Last week, Maddox came over for dinner, and we decided to keep him over night. Here are a few pictures from his stay.

Some would call this redneck training, with the gun and hammock, but, here in Texas, we just call it good sense :)
One of the things that Maddox always enjoys doing at our house is building a pillow fort with the couch cushions. This time he decided it was going to be a cave, though. He and Brian engineered some spelunking gear for him to wear this time. Do you recognize the Snuggie book light? Also, we coined the title "Spenuncle" for Brian :)

Once again, never be more than a few inches away from your gun :)
All was going well until the dogs had had enough, and intruded the cave's entrance.
My how guys DON'T change as they grow up! Breakfast in bed and The Lion King were enough to keep the boys happy!
And again, the dogs just couldn't contain themselves.
A pistol is a more appropriate weapon in the bathtub :)

I think that being an aunt is the greatest thing in the world. Maybe it's like being a grandparent. You have the wonderful opportunity to play and spoil and then you send them packin' when the exhaustion sets in.


Michele said...

OMG...what adorable pictures. I so miss those days when my kids wanted forts...or caves!!! That pic of Brian and Maddox watching Lion King is just priceless!


Shelly said...

He's precious. And I agree...being an aunt is the MOST AMAZING thing!!

Dana said...

What a great aunt and uncle! I LOVE your dogs, too!

Bee said...

That Maddox is a real cutie- and all boy! Happy belated birthday!