Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Field Day

One of the many perks (?) of teaching elementary school is the pleasure of leading a class in field day festivities on one of the hottest days of the school year. Actually, I'll have to commend our P.E. teacher, she really made this year's field day a success with all of her preparations. It was teacher-friendly, and usually, well, it's not. Here are a few glimpses into the day's activities. And, I must give Chelsey a great big thank you for helping me out that day. Because of you, my attitude stayed positive, mostly :)


Unknown said...

oh i always loved field day as a kid! looks like these guys had a great time too :)

Sandy Gillett said...

Bless your heart Lindsey. Bless all you teacher hearts! It's a fun day for the kids. Thank you.

podso said...

You photos are wonderful and tell the story!