Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Oh, dear, sweet Gladys, you sure are cute!

But, your shenanigans aren't winning you any fans.

So, she got a little bored when she was left out by herself today. Is that any reason to disown her? The jury is still out.


Jill said...

Oh my, she's so cute! If she needs a new home, she's always welcome here. She looks like such a sweetheart (minus the remote control destruction)!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Oh no! But look at that face. It has apology written all over it.

Sandy Gillett said...

Oh My Goodness!

Kelli Davis said...

Oh yeah, Goose is famous for this. Then they look at you like that, and you have to quit beating them because who could be mad at a face like that?!?!

Michele said...

Oh my goodness...but she does have such a sweet little face with the sad eyes!

I'm sure she's so sorry........


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

We have a Mastiff named Zeke. (His pic is all over my blog!) He is such a Marmaduke :)When he was a pup, I checkd out a book from the library on "How To Train Your New Puppy". It was the only thing he ever chewed up! We decided he was telling us that he needed no training! The librarian was in stitches when I returned it and offered to pay for a replacement!
Congrats on your one year anniverary! We have been married 4 years. It only gets better!
Many blessings,