Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Birthday Bash

June is quite a month on Pleasant Drive. The celebration begins with our anniversary on the 7th (an anniversary we share with Brian's parents), Gladys' birthday on the 10th, Dad's birthday on the 14th, Dale's birthday on the 16th, Fathers' Day, my birthday on the 18th, and Mom's birthday on the 27th. It's packed full of family gatherings, which are all centered around a good 'ole cake. We spend the rest of the summer digging our waistlines out of June's chocolatey devastation.

Tonight we had a joint birthday celebration at my inlaw's house for Dale and me. The evening commenced with this fabulous fudge cake and homemade ice cream.

We had delicious taco salads for dinner. Judy set a lovely table.
For Dale's birthday, we, along with Judy and Josh and Lauren, got him a basketball goal. He and Brian played a rousing game of horse this evening.
They followed HORSE up with a game of Around the World.
Look at that form! Like father, like son!
Josh and Lauren look on.
Dear, sweet Brian. For once, could you please take a serious picture?
And, then there was Vito. That dog loves a ball. And, he's got some serious ups.


Sandy Gillett said...

Dear Sweet Lindsey. What a wonderful time. The pictures say it all. I love you. I love you all. We are so blessed.

Esterbune said...

Lindsey, you look so beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!!

Lindsey said...

Awww how fun!!! Love the action shots and you look gorgeous!

Alabamamom said...

Have a wonderful and Happy, Happy, Birthday tomorrow. It has been a tremendous blessing to see God at work this past year. You and Brian are instruments of life and hope to so many.

Leslie said...

Girl, your short 'do is H.O.T! So gorgeous.

podso said...

Happy Birthday! And anniversary. Your pictures are wonderful and tell the story like you do!

Sweet Simplicity said...

That cake looks delish! I can't believe how high Vito can jump. That's crazy!