Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oops, I broke a nail!

I used to really be aggravated by those girly girls who teared up over a broken nail. I couldn't believe their shallowness!

Well, I guess I've joined their ranks. Notice my thumbnail and the nail on my index finger in the above photograph. See the dark lines? That's right, my nails are disconnecting from my finger. Isn't that disgusting?

I was told when I began chemo that there was a chance that my fingernails and toenails could fall off during treatment. Well, treatment came and went, and I was feeling pretty proud of my trusty old nails.

Then, just this past week, I happened to notice that they are falling off. I immediately started crying when I found this out.

I don't think that it had much to do with the nails, though. I think that it was more about the fact that I just thought that I was DONE with chemo and its nasty side effects. Alas, life will go on. Nails or no nails. I'm not defined by my fingers and toes!


one of nettie's girls said...

I never knew that your fingernails and toenails could be casualties of chemo. I doubt anyone ever gets past your beautiful eyes to even notice your nails!

Megan said...

On a different note--look at that ring!! I don't think anyone will be noticing the nails with such a beautiful ring!

Lindsey said...

Ouch! I hate that, my nails are the WORST.

Meagan said...

I love your attitude, you are such a ray of sunshine in such a dark world! I'm glad that you can be a testimony to others for having a christ-like attitude about the "tough stuff" You rock!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

Yah I saw the ring too! If it helps at all I bent one of my nails back simply closing the lid of the toilet. It hurts! So sorry!