Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On Sunday, Brian and I loaded up in the trusty Tahoe and headed slightly north to attend church with my maternal grandparents (Granny and Papaw). Originally, the plan was for all of their family members to accompany them to the worship service. However, it didn't quite work out that way. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable time of visiting. Here are a few pictures form our post-church lunch at Granny and Papaw's house.

Sweet Hensley Grace (Hensley is named after Granny and Papaw. Hensley is their last name.)

My brother-in-law, Brian (and Hensley's dad)

Another shot of Happy Hensley
My sister, Ashley with her lovely daughter
Maddox is hanging a stuffed possum (that's opossum, for you Northerners) off of Papaw.

Maddox warms his feet by the fire.

And, a few shots from Sunday night at home. Vito is fascinated with fire. It's a babysitter for him, really.
And, gorgeous Gladys!

We love our puppies. Can you tell?

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Unknown said...

great pictures! so glad you had a wonderful trip. hensley is so precious!