Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lesson Learned.

Are you ever shocked when something that you've been hearing your whole life finally makes sense to you? This school year has been tough. Sure, there's been the whole cancer thing that has kept my energy low and my absences high, but even if I had been totally healthy, this year would've been a challenge. I have an interesting little group of personalities in my class this year. If you've never had much experience with working with children, you might be thinking, "Come on. How much of a personality can a 7-year-old actually have?" Well, surprisingly enough, they have enormous personalities at this age. Huge. So big that sometimes they take up the whole room. So big that sometimes there is conflict. Without going into confidential details, I'd like to tell you about one of those "personalities". You know, the kind that takes up the whole room. We'll just call this little person "kid" for the sake of this post.

I met kid before school started. He had been in and out of various custody battles, foster homes, and placements. He was the subject of unthinkable abuse, and he didn't stand a chance in this crazy world. Until a wonderful person came along and invited kid to move into her home. She would create a happy, healthy environment for kid, and she wouldn't hold his past against him. Well, time passed. Things happened, and kid just couldn't adapt to this type of normalcy. He was so used to being in a victim-type relationship, and he couldn't seem to shake the far reaching consequences of his history. At last, this wonderful person had to make the decision to remove kid from her home. Though, it was difficult. You see, she still loved kid. She still wanted the best for kid, but kid couldn't turn away from his old self.

As all of this has transpired in the last few weeks, it has made me do some deep soul searching. I know that God allows bad things to happen so that He might be glorified, but this situation really had me puzzled. Finally, I realized - this is what redemption is ALL about. This is a picture of what Christ has done for us.

We are kid. We are full of sin and flawed thinking. We are born with a sin nature, and we are deeply in need of someone to give us a chance. God is the chance. He is basically saying, "Yes, you have a history. You have a sinful past, but I am going to overlook all of that and make you mine." He is willing to take us in and change us into His own. What's the catch? We have to allow it. We have to yield our own wills to His. This is where kid couldn't handle it. He couldn't seem to yield his own will.

Take God up on His offer to give you a chance today. If you haven't taken "the chance", let me tell you about it!


one of nettie's girls said...

Wonderful post with a thoughful life lesson. Although, I will be sad when I think of kid and what he is missing. I will say a prayer for your friend and kid.

Whitney said...

It's sad to see what kind of destruction instability can do to a child. I'll say a prayer for kid today.

Lindsey said...

What a beautiful post! And I adore that picture, simply amazing!!

Amber said...

wow...what an awesome love our Savior has for us. Thank you for sharing.