Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to You!

Are any of you planners or schedulers out there? Maybe you can relate to my devastation this morning. Brian and I have been looking forward to a Colorado getaway at his grandparents' house. Unfortunately, winter weather along the drive has kept us at home. Since we were planning to be travelling on his actual birthday, I had a celebration for him on Thursday night. Then, I served him breakfast in bed yesterday before we went to work, and I bought some small "road trip" gifts and a singing card to give to him this morning. The plan was for us to wake up in a hotel along the drive this morning. I feel terrible now that we are actually at home and able to celebrate on his birthday. I think he understands, though. Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Breakfast Tray (Since it was his birthday, I spared him from an early morning photo shoot.)Brian got a fly fishing rod from his grandparents last Christmas. His parents got him a reel for his birthday to accompany the rod.

Dale and Vito lend a hand.

In other news, yesterday was the official end of chemo for me. Each round lasts for 21 days, and yesterday marked the 21st day after my final treatment. Yay!!! I feel such joy in my Jesus for His provision in my life. I'm feeling stronger each day. And, I found out that the Herceptin infusions that I believed to be weekly for a year are actually only every 3 weeks now that chemo is complete. You can imagine how free I felt upon hearing this news. I had been thinking all along, "I'm going to spend every Friday for a year at this chemo lab." Now, I feel so unattached to cancer. What a blessing!


Meagan said...

Congrats!!! I'm so happy that you are done with the Chemo and don't have to go in once a week!!!

Whitney said...

I'm so glad your herceptin treatments aren't every week! What a blessing! Do those get you real sick every time? They do for my boss. Ugh. :(

Great pictures of your man and the rod!!

Unknown said...

congrats on your chemo! what a blessing!!! looks like your hubby had a wonderful birthday!

Lindsey said...

What a fun time, love the pics! You guys are so cute! And can I just say, that breakfast looks AMAZING!

Unknown said...

Praise the Lord!!!

Happy 9 months! I'm glad to have such a wonderful couple to share our wedding date with! :)