Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Merry Christmas

Oops! I forgot that I hadn't posted about all of our holiday fun. Brian and I headed out of town the day after Christmas, so I didn't have the chance to do a post about Christmas Day. All in all, we celebrated Christmas about 5 or 6 times, but these pictures give you a glimpse of how we spent the actual day of Christmas.

We woke up at our own home, and then we headed to Brian's parents' house for the day. I wasn't sure how Christmas would feel to me this year, as it would be the first time that I hadn't spent the day with my own family. But, it was a wonderfully, relaxed day!

The mound of presents

Brian's dad, Dale, is reading the Christmas story before the presents are opened.

Brian with his parents. We gave them the house sign for Christmas.
Kathy (Brian's Aunt) making pie crust.

No Christmas would be complete without some good ole' fashioned gunfire, right? (They were shooting squirrels.)

Sarah (Brian's cousin) watching as we try our hands at Wii Fit.

Jan (Brian's grandma) tastes the pie filling.

Sassy Sisters.

Art (Brian's grandpa) eats a healthy snack.

Brian and Dale give the dogs some treats.

Brian. (just playin' with my new camera)

Bri and me.

Paul (Brian's uncle) gets ready to carve the turkey.
Mother and daugthers mourn the mishap in the kitchen.


melissa ellen parker said...

I love all those pics! You look beautiful and the doggies are so cute!

Also, your house is adorable and congrats on you and Brian searching for your own "together" place. So exciting - and a great time to buy!!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Their Christmas decor is gorgeous! I'm glad you had a good Christmas.

Unknown said...

The pictures are great!!

Lindsey said...

Love the pics, looks like a great holiday!

Whitney said...

Looks like your in-laws have a beautiful home! Great pictures, pretty lady.

Unknown said...

i love all those pictures! looks like you had a wonderful christmas. the tree is gorgeous and your family is precious@

Cari said...

I can't stand it when I drop an egg on the floor. It infuriates me. So gross to clean up and I never quite feel like it's clean enough! Ugh! Looks like a wonderful Christmas and a beautiful family.

Julie Adams Gray said...

I think it's time to admit it. You have a camera obsession. Taking pictures of broken eggs on the floor just confirms it. We need to get you to counseling. I will join you because my obsession is greater, it's just my camera isn't as cool!

Kelli Davis said...


Will you shoot me an email? ( I have a question for you and I can't find your email address!


Kelli Davis

Erin said...

Good pics! Love the headwrap, by the way. Tres chic.

Mrs. Ruby said...

Looks like you had a blast!
P.S. You and your hubby are super cute. :)

Amy said...

I love the tree with the sparkly white lights! Christmas decorations just make me smile.:)

And that black and white picture of you and your hubby is beautiful. Something about black and white photos is just so romantic.

I'm glad you had a lovely holiday...guns and all.;)

God Bless,