Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Y'all, I have been doing laundry all the livelong day. I got up this morning when my alarm went off at 6:00am. I slowly trudged into the bathroom and started getting ready. I had been standing in front of the mirror no more than 5 minutes when my stomach started doing somersaults and I broke out into a cold sweat. I thought, "Man, I don't think I'm going to make it through school today." I managed to get to the computer to hire a sub for my class before collapsing back into bed.
Brian went to the pharmacy for me as soon as they opened to get my anti-nausea prescription. Luckily, it seemed to work on the old tummy. That chemo does a number on the body! And, the side effects are incredibly unpredictable. One minute, I'm feeling fine, normal even. Then, before I know it, I'm doubled over in pain or just totally wiped out, with no warning. It stinks!
Alas, life must go on and will go on, and until then, I'll be doing laundry. That's the one thing that persists - chemo or not!


Lindsey said...

Aw friend, I hope you're feeling better!

What a sweet hubby to run out and get you medicine!

Whitney said...

Don't you hate laundry? It makes me want to lose my mind. Feel better!!!
And if there were some way to mail cookies and keep them fresh, you better believe there would be a batch in the mail to you. :)

Leslie said...

I think you could totally leave the feta out of that quesadilla for Brian and it would still be great! Isn't laundry the never-ending chore? There are a few nice piles waiting for me at home right now!

one of nettie's girls said...

I don't mind the washing and drying and folding as much as the putting away. I prayed for you this morning and will continue to do so. I hope you feel much better

Erin said...

For some reason, laundry is my favorite chore to sign up for...probably because you put it in, walk away and don't have to think about it for a little while...! ;)

Hope tomorrow is less queasy.

SweDaisy said...

Wow! I can't belive how strong you are. I dread laundry too. I'm in the middle of renovating the laundry room and hope it will make the chore more enjoyable.

Take care,

Michele said...

Oh Lindsey ~ I hope you feeling better soon. I hate laundry...and with Cassie being away at school, she comes home every weekend and drops off the dirty bag, only to come back on Sunday to pick it up clean..she's spoiled!


Ben Norman said...


I definetely know how it feels, i completely hate laundry day... Thus i go for Bennisservices.co.uk, where i can place my laundry order online! that too with pick up and drop off facility... :)