Thursday, January 8, 2009


If you're one of my upclose and personal, real life friends, you've probably heard me say this before. But this golden nugget of truth that the Lord taught me about a year ago, once again rang clear in my ears as I studied Acts 1 this morning. In this passage of scripture, the disciples were dying to know when the kingdom of Israel would be rebuilt. The Bible says:

"He [Jesus] told them, "You don't get to know the time. Timing is the Father's business. What you'll get is the Holy Spirit." (Acts 1:7-8 The Message Paraphrase)

Guess what, dear readers? We have little control over the comings and goings in our lives. What we do have, though, is the Holy Spirit to guide us through these happenings.

When I was younger, and less experienced in this life :), I thought that one day I would wake up and everything would be perfect and just as I'd planned. I finally would arrive into the wonderful rest of my life. I'd be done chasing after "it", and now I could just sit joyfully in "it".

Now, only by the grace of God, I know that I need not chase an "it", but rather a "He". He is my God, my King, my Hope Eternal. He is the one in whom I should be resting joyfully.

If you don't know Him, let me tell you about Him. I promise, your life will only change when you stop chasing the "it", and starting resting in Him.


Jess @ Just a Blink said...

Hi Pleasant,

I have been following your blog for a season or maybe two. I am not sure if I have ever said hi or not.

So hi!

Thank you for your insightfulness today.

As I sit here, sniffling with a cold, trying not to lose my last nerve with my two preschoolers, and feeling quite overwhelmed that my house is perfectly decorated in my head but not in reality, and mad at myself because I never learned to sew.

I pause. I breathe. I seek Him.

I thank Him for warriors like yourself. I am humbled.

Thanks again for all the "life" perspective you have given me via your posts.

Here's to a cancer free 2009!

Erin said...

OH, so true. We get into that habit of saying, "We'll really start living when we finish this or start that or get to this place, etc." That is so not the point. In Him, we are there already.

Great post, Lindsey.

podso said...

You're right on, holding life in an open hand, submitting to God's (perfect) plan for us is the key to true joy and peace. Great post!

Whitney said...

Thanks for posting about this. It is always a good reminder for me, as this is one of my greatest downfalls. I am always planning and looking to the next thing, and I often forget to stop and center on Him.

Whitney said...

Lindsey, how did I miss this post? It didn't show up on my reader yesterday! :(

Anyway, I love it. I feel like we are always looking forward to the next thing searching for contentment, when in HIM, pure satisfaction resides. Good reminder.