Monday, December 15, 2008

Family Fun Night

Following Maddox's birthday party on Saturday afternoon, my family decided to take our annual trip to SantaLand (a drive-thru light display). We grabbed a bite to eat at the local Cracker Barrell, too. It was a wonderful holiday evening!

Maddox and Papa face-off for a wild game of Checkers. Who do you think won that one?

Me and Ashley had our own Checkers match. I lost by a long shot. I hadn't played that game in approximately 17 years.

Ashley and Brian

Hensley patiently waits for our table on a gift-wrapping station.

Ashley thought this girl looked like a perfect morph of the two of us in our younger days. We were late bloomers to say the least.

The men wait for a table.

Maddox and Nana shop for toys.

Ashley fights the crowd with a baby carrier. It was PACKED!

Still shopping.

This is what happens when you take a picture of Christmas lights from inside a pitch black car.


Unknown said...

What precious pictures!!

Amy said...

What fun! I heart the Cracker Barrel.:)

And I cannot get a good picture of Christmas lights. Either they don't show up at all...or they do show up but are all blurry. *Sigh*

Merry Christmas!
God Bless,

Sweet Simplicity said...

That picture is crazy! Who knew that would happen. What a fun night.

Lindsey said...

Aww so fun! Love the pictures - you have a gorgeous family!

Megan said...

That Christmas lights one is pretty fun!

Unknown said...

oh my goodness! i went to college with Brian and Ashley! how do you know them?

Whitney said...

That picture does NOT look like you 2. You guys have always been cute. And I know this because I have seen pictures of you when you were a youngster.

Liz Harrell said...

This looks like such a fun time. And right now my mouth is watering for Cracker Barrel. I always get meatloaf. Go figure. :)

Thanks for your sweet comment yesterday, it meant a lot.


the undomesticated wife said...

I LOVE the Cracker Barrel store! Did you get anything? I can always find *something* I *must* have. ;)