Sunday, December 7, 2008

Accomplishments and Special Visits

First and foremost, happy 6 months of being happily wed, Brian! We've been through some major fun and unbelievable feats, but most of all I love you more each and every day!

And, on to the second part of this post...

I had the wonderful privilege of spending most of the day yesterday with the women in Brian's family. Brian's youngest sister, Erin, will be marrying the man of her dreams in January, and she was in town for a bridal shower and dress fitting. This will mark the final of three weddings in 7 months for Brian's parents. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take my camera for the shower and fitting, but I did remember to grab it before we headed to Brian's parents' last night.

Here are our 3 dogs, excitedly waiting to get in the car.

Brian and I sported our hat head looks for last night. Don't worry Brian was just playing in my scarf pad that goes under my hat.

Brian was getting a taste of his own medicine as his parents whipped him into shape with a towel fight.

There are no words.

A rousing game of Monopoly - Electronic Banking Edition. Cute mugs!

Maddie, sportin' her Santa suit, with her lovely dog Grandma.

Like mother, like daughter - sitting exactly the same.

It was a great day and great evening with Brian's family. They are special people, and always ready for fun. Now, today, I'm wiped out after a full day of fun. I've claimed the day as a day of rest.


Bee said...

Happy 6 months anniversary. You guys have definitely been through a lot in half of a year. But gosh, you're both still smiling! God is good, isn't He?

Meagan said...

Happy 6 month anniversary! That is wonderful!

Thanks for the comment, that is awesome that we have a lot in common! Heck yes, we know where its at!


I still love celebrating all of the 6 month mile stones, it seriously never gets old! I think Garrett must have thought we would only do that the first year, but he was in for a surprise! ha ha ha.

the undomesticated wife said...

Ha!! That santa suit is so funny!!!

Happy 6th months! You guys look like you have a fun family!

Amy said...

Happy Six Month Anniversary!:)
You and Brian are so precious together. *Sigh*

God Bless,

Unknown said...

happy six month anniversary! i am a big fan of any kind of anniversaries...another reason to celebrate! this saturday will be our 6 year dating anniversary from our very first date :)

Julie Adams Gray said...

If you and Brian have been married six months then Nick and I have been together for like eight or nine (we met March 29; I think we went on our first date two weeks later)... oh dear... that is scary!

Golly the Ponds get married fast. I want that type of blessing! Ya'll are having way too much fun and living the life I so desire!!! YOU ARE SO BLESSED!!!

Unknown said...

I can't believe we got married on the same day!! I had no idea!! I think we're long lost sisters...seriously! :)

Happy 6 month anniversary!

Leslie said...

That is one sweet faced puppy in that shot with Brian!

Michele said...

Happy 6 month anniversary Lindsey! Sounds like you guys had so much fun this weekend...what a great time with family!


Lindsey said...

Happy 6 months! The wedding looks like it was gorgeous!!!

Love the pictures, looks like a fab weekend!

Liz Harrell said...

Happy anniversary! I'm so thankful that you have a wonderful husband such a big support system.

And your wedding pic is STUNNING. Girl, you're gorgeous.