Saturday, November 22, 2008


Families come in all shapes and sizes and styles these days. Some families are large and humorous. Others are small and reserved. Some are prim and proper, yet others are laid back and easy-going. Whatever the style of the family, it is a thing to be cherished.

Brian and I just got home from enjoying a wonderful evening at my in-law's house. They will be going out of town for Thanksgiving, and we will be spending the holiday with my family, so this was our time of celebration with them. (I took my camera and totally forgot to get it out to snap some pics :(

Dale and Judy prepared a fabulous meal of strawberry spinach salad, fried chicken, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, and yummy rolls. It was delicious!

I am really enjoying learning how to blend into Brian's family. It's fun, and it's a challenge. Though our families share the important core values, their dynamics differ greatly. Brian's family is composed of all adults, so the atmosphere is quiet, relaxed, and low-key. My parents' houses (my parents are divorced) are always loud, somewhat chaotic, and child-centered, as I have a young niece and nephew. Brian's family watches a lot of TV (sports mainly), and mine does not. We generally spend our time talking. I love our families so much! And, inheriting a new one is a huge blessing!

I challenge you to truly enjoy your family this holiday season!


Unknown said...

This is a great post! Your family sounds a lot like mine. We talk for hours when we're together...always filled with lots of noise and laughter!

the undomesticated wife said...

I'm glad you had a nice early Thanksgiving.

My family differs a lot on holidays from the Hubs family. Take c-mas for example...mine is low-key, we get up, open presents in our jammies, eat breakfast, etc.

At Hubs family's house, it's more formal. We are usually all dressed (somewhat dressed up, but jeans are still ok), and wait for everyone to come over to open presents. Then there's a brunch, and while it's not fancy, it's not low-key either. The table is set fancy, etc.

Enjoy your 2nd Thanksgiving!

melissa ellen parker said...

Chris and I have been married for nearly 3 years now and you really brought up one of the joys I don't think I've ever articulated so well as you have. Learning to meld into the family is such a joy. Families are sooo different. It really is neat to see how we make our way into them day after day. It's hard sometimes too. I am going to have to do a post similar to yours outlining some of the different dynamics. It really is neat to think about!

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! You deserve all the joy you can handle!

did I tell you you won an award at my place? I can't remember!

melissa ellen parker said...

I changed my url today - just wanted to pass it along so we don't lose touch!


Amy said...

I am looking forward to being with my family this Thanksgiving. It has been a year full of so many trials, and we are all just so thankful to be here together...flaws and all.;)

I pray that you and your sweet hubby have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family as well. Eat some pecan pie for me...because I don't think we are having any this year. Sigh....:)

God Bless,

Erin said...

It sounds like you were blessed with a great in-law crew---that is a true blessing! ;) I love Russell's fam, and I'm so grateful for them. Thanks for reminding me.

Whitney said...

Hi! I found your blog through our mutual blogging buddy (Melissa Ellen). It's so lovely to read about how postive you are being during this particularly challenging time and how you have maintained a strong faith in God. I look forward to reading many more of your posts! I'm glad that you had a Happy Thanksgiving, mine and my husabnds family dynamics are really similar to yours and your husbands. It's funny how different families are! Hope you have a grand Thanksgiving!!

Whitney said...

I just think it's so interesting to be a part of a new family and see the similarities and differences between your own. There are definitely always some surprises! :)

Sweet Simplicity said...

That dinner sounds fantastic! I'm glad you got to spend time with them. Its hard dividing up the holidays once you get married.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Liz Harrell said...

I'm so glad you get along with your in-laws! Mine have been such a huge blessing in my marriage, I'm always SO thankful for them during holidays. I've got friends that cringe everytime their in-law holiday rolls around. So sad.

Lindsey said...

Wonderful post with great words of wisdom!

Unknown said...

I can definitely relate! Although he is not my husband, my boyfriends family is quite different from mine and theres nothing like the holiday season to really exentuate these differences! haha mine = loud, and crazy his = quiet and low key oh life!

Cari said...

I am going to take you up on your challenge. I need to make the choice and enjoy my time with Bran's family. No matter the situation, they are family and I need to embrace that. Ugh! We're on our seventh year of marriage and it's still hard! Thanks for this post.

Mr. Stephenson said...

I didn't know you blogged! This year, for the first ever, my family will not celebrate Thanksgiving twice in one day. My parents are high school sweethearts, so we have always been able to eat at my dad's side for lunch and my mom's side for dinner.

This year, though, my mom's side can't meet because her sister who usually hosts has a conflict with her two children who are married. So we will just be eating with my dad's side, which, lucky for me, has more cousins my age. We still sit at the "kids" table in the living room. :)