Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Good Things Come in Small Packages

This is Hensley Grace. She is my new niece that was born on September 12th. Due to the displacement caused by the power surge and the surgery soon following that, I haven't had the chance to introduce her to you until now. But, she was worth the wait, wasn't she?

Sweet Hensley is also the recipient of much prayer. The doctors were concerned about her size since her first sonogram. They prepared my dear sister, Ashley, and her precious husband, Brian, for the worst since then. Isn't God good?

She is lovely. Tiny, but lovely. She tipped the scales at just over 5 pounds, but she has steadily gained weight and she is perfectly healthy. Hensley was so excited to get out and see her sweet family that she came 3 weeks early. But her parents were wise, and insisted that the doctors induce then, following some unusual events. This is Hensley's family at swimming lessons this summer. Cute, Godly family.

I've had the privilege of seeing Hensley every single day for the past week. She's staying at home with her mom right now, who is one of my marvelous caretakers.
Babies are so sweet. They are good for the soul!


Amy said...

Babies are indeed good for the soul.

I hope that you are feeling well. I am still praying for you and your husband.

God Bless,

Whitney said...

How precious! She is beautiful, Lindsey! What a proud Aunt you must be!

Weeksie50 said...

Oh, she is adorable!
I am glad you are surrounded by those you love! They make the best caretakers.

Marketing Gurl said...

So cute congrats on being an aunt to this lovely baby girl! Love, MG

Marketing Gurl said...

So I wanted to ask but I didn't want to ask if it isn't appropriate. But how are you doing? I hope you are keeping your head high...we are all thinking about you. Love, MG

Lindsey said...

Such cute kids! I hope you are feeling well, still praying for your familY!

Sweet Simplicity said...

She is precious! I love that name--so unique! Plus, Grace is one of my baby names!

Leslie said...

I loved this update! So good to see Brian and Ashley and their sweet kiddos! I cannot get over how much Maddox looks like Brian! So fun.