Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Company Came 'A Callin'!

Brian and I have been inundated with guests since the minute we got home from the hospital. Family and friends have surrounded us and loved on us and carried us through this struggle. I just wanted to give you a little glimpse into some of our fabulous visitors. And, let me just brag on myself for just a second. Yesterday, I showered, washed my hair, shaved my legs, got dressed, and put on makeup all by myself. And, I even went to the vet with Brian. Again, I can't say it enough - God is good!

Yesterday afternoon, Maddox came over. We ate a snack, drank a Sprite, and read a story. It was a bright spot. Uncle Brian even gave him a wheelbarrow ride around the yard.
A face only a mother could love? Hardly! That's my sweet husband who refused to give a smile for the camera. He's a great uncle, and you can see why he's my favorite comedian. He keeps me laughing all the time.
This is Ashley and Maddox. Doesn't she look fabulous to be the mother of a newborn and a two-year-old? What a high-calling the Lord has given her. Plus, she's been bathing me every day. Sisters are a treasure!


Whitney said...

How sweet! I love all of those faces of the precious people in your life. What a blessing they have been - I can't even imagine! :) So happy you are doing SO WELL!

Angie said...

You so obviously enjoy all the blessings you've been given...good for you!

Amy said...

You look beautiful!:)
God is indeed good, and He shines through you!

Family is so important to me too...I'm so thankful that you have the love and support of yours.

And Ashley is practically glowing as well. (Almost makes me want a newborn.) Sigh. What a treasure she is!

God Bless,

Michele said...

Hi Lindsey ~ You look wonderful..I'm so glad you have family and God watching over you. Your sister is an angel and her children are adorable! I'm glad you're doing so well...take care and rest!


Weeksie50 said...

Oh, that Maddox is a cutie for sure.. I love his infectious grin!

Your husband looks like loads of fun..

I am so glad that you are recovering quickly!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you have so many wonderful people surrounding you with love and taking care of you! Glad you are healing well - praying for you!

Cari said...

Lindsey, you look fabulous!
Whitney told me to check my email and she had sent me the comment you left for her. Coincidentally, your comment is right below mine! I'm glad you got your card. I had tried several times to leave a comment here for you, but it got too lengthy and I deleted it every time. As you go forward in your treatments, know I will be one of many lifting you up to our Father.

keely said...

I've been keeping up with you through Whitney's postings and now reading yours as well. Your faith is so inspiring and your spirit infectious. Praise God for good reports so far!

Sweet Simplicity said...

That is great that you got up and around today! I bet it feels good to be wearing make-up and real clothes. Isn't it amazing what make-up can do for a girl?!?
It always makes me feel better. I'm so glad you are having a good day!

Tanya said...

I just came upon your blog from another blog's link. I was so sad to read about what you're going through! I pray that all goes well and I'm so happy that you have such great and special people in your life.


Bee said...
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Bee said...

God is so good! And it is such a blessing to see everyone smiling, especially you. You are an amazing woman!!