Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Par - tay!!!

Once again, duty called and it was time for us to open our home for another entertaining delight. Brian's sweet mom, Judy, had a birthday yesterday, so we decided to be the hosts. Here are a few little looks into our lovely evening.
This was the birthday table. Of course, it's red. I should've had the candles lit for the picture, but I didn't. You can use your imagination.
Here's Judy making a wish as she blows out the candles on the cheesecake.
Here's the original Pond family, plus Josh, Lauren's fiance. (They're getting married on August 16th.)
Judy was rather delighted with her Target giftcard from Dale. She's been begging for new bedding for her room, and this will do the trick.
And, finally, a picture of the dog cousins. From left to right: Vito (American Bulldog), Samson (Catahoula Bulldog), Eli (we're still guessing), Maddie (Pomeranian - Boston Terrier mix), and Gladys (English Mastiff). We decided to line them up and take their picture from biggest to smallest each month, and then we can watch Gladys make her move up the ranks. We're nuts, I know! Can you imagine us when we actually have children? By the way, Eli and Maddie belong to Lauren and Josh. We're not that nutty :)


Sweet Simplicity said...

That dog picture is hilarious! I'm so glad that someone else is obsessed with their dogs as much as me!

Whitney said...

Ah, HAHAHA! That is hilarious. How fun that you have 2 MORE sisters. You are on sister overload, ya know? You need some brothas. I can't wait to see the pics each month. Be sure and post them!

Expat No. 3699 said...

Oh, we're crazy dog people too. When we have get togethers people bring their dogs. One time my granddaughter opened the sliding glass door to go outside. Before she could make it out, five dogs were squeezing their way in. We just laughed and called them the 'Bumpus Dogs' (from A Christmas Story).

Amy said...

I love the dog picture! That could not have been an easy task lining them all up and having them pose for a picture.

If I did not know better, I would still think one of those dogs was my Allie...They look related.:)

Whitney said...

wait a minute...you forgot to tell us what you made for supper. and pictures of it. silly you, you must'a forgot.

Michele said...

OMG, I love the dog picture...how funny. Can't wait to see the growth pics!!!

Yes, you definitely need to share what you made for dinner!!!


Meg said...

I love all the red!

Megan said...

You make such a wonderful hostess! And you're only halfway nutty with 3 dogs! :)

melissa ellen parker said...

cute pics!!!!!

I read your post about your daily praying - and it really inspired me. You seem like such a wonderful person. I'm glad we're friends now!

Bee said...

What a hostess you are:) Love all the dogs.

meg duerksen said...

oh how cute are those puppies?!!
that is so sweet.
i can just hear all the barking and claws on the wood floor right now. :)

thanks for coming by my blog...i love new friends.

Anonymous said...

I love the table cloth! But what did you serve...where's the FOOD?!