Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Secret Treasure!

For the next few days, I'm going to blog about some of the fun things that Brian and I have enjoyed doing this summer. First of all, I must say, we were truly blessed with God's perfect timing in the events of our wedding, honeymoon, etc. Since, I'm a teacher, I have the summers off - YIPPEE! There are few perks to education, but that just happens to be one of them. And, Brian was between jobs following the wedding, so we had exactly one month off together, and it was AWESOME! We got to go on our honeymoon and return home without the pressure of jobs hanging over our heads. We slept late, set up house, made the necessary financial transitions that accompany a marriage, and just enjoyed living together. I would highly recommend taking a little extended time off if at all possible; you won't regret it.

And, on to the good stuff . . .

A few weeks ago, some of our good friends, Jeff and Crystal, came for a visit. We brainstormed some fun things to do in our quaint little town in order to keep them entertained, and to hopefully coax them into moving our way :) Well, we discovered this local vineyard. Now, I had actually been to this place before, but I had never really had the chance to explore all that it had to offer. Here are a few peeks into our day.

It wouldn't be a vineyard without grapes on the vine, right? Aren't these beautiful? I wanted to snatch one off and pop it into my mouth when no one was looking. Unfortunately, I didn't have that chance.

We even got to tour the cellar where they keep the barrels.
This was the part of the vineyard where the wine is processed.

Isn't this exactly what you'd expect to see at a vineyard?

Another shot of the vineyard.

Our day was picture perfect! We had a private tour where this eccentric little lady drove us around on a golf cart and gave us the low-down on winemaking. It was so fun and relaxing! You should take the time to research your own town and discover its hidden gems. This is one that we'll definitely revisit.


Liz Harrell said...

Thanks for the comment, nice to meet you! You and your hubby are just adorable, looking forward to reading more posts here!

Whitney said...

Look at you doing fun and adventurous things right there in your lovely town. I love the name of your blog. :)
Did they have non-alcoholic wine? I woulda guzzled that like it was water! ;) We went to a winery one time in California and Luke and I each got a bottle of the non-alc wine and I swear we thought we were so grown up. That stuff was good. :) Okay, now show me more outings from the Ponds.

Michele said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It's very nice to meet you!

Sounds like a great way to entertain your friends...can't wait to hear more stories.


My Three Girls (The A girls) said...

I love little adventures. Sounds fun. One year we picked to vacation close to home. We found a great little dude ranch,we had such a great time.

cute post